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Guildhall Auctioned Status

Guildhall command is showing our guildhall as auctioned but it is rented. Lobera, Castle of Greenshore...
VBViolent Beams2/14/2024

newchannel filters

A suggestion I'd like to recommend is a way to filter newschannel messages by type. the specific reason for suggesting this is i would like to filter out the community news posts, the fansite newsticker spam...
No description
EMS[EK] Maxa Strongjaw2/14/2024

Not receiving messages

When I post a command or somemone else, I see there is a msg from the bot, there is not written on it
No description

is there any way to add the bot in a private group?

It must be great if you van add the bot in a group of friends without need to create a server

Rashid and Dreamcourt automatic update

Hi everyone Is possible to create a channel with rashid and dreamcourt with automatic update everyday? like a kind of watchlist? this would be a great feature

iam/im command not getting any response

hi, I've noticed sometimes nabbot will not respond to the iam/im command. it appears this is not a latency or networking issue on the bots side as the command will work fine with other users
ZTZions Tokes1/13/2024

Respawn List Broken?

Looks like the respawn list link is broken

About a bug, in this link:

The character named Sir Zoop (from level 3 to 1,631) have a bug in the level stats, thats why the character name was modified and past 6 months a new char was created called Sir Zoop. Maybe because this Yearly Stats get the name of the character in the beggining of the year, so if the character name was modified and a new char was created with the same name we have a problem in calculating experience....

Problem with death and level ups messages

Hello, My nabbot don't show levelup and death messages on my dedicated text channel. I have already add all permissions especially "Manage webhook" but still not showing this messages. When i use command settings levelschannel (channel name) a got answer from him "This channel will be used as the levels channel." soo he should work problerly but he is not. Other commands works properly like "stamina", "share" etc. works fine.. Please help me what i must do with this issue.
NTWNeera the Wild1/5/2024

Cannot blacklist certain users

Hi, So on my discord server I have some players that are no longer in the guild. However, their deths and lvl-ups (d&l) are still displayed. I know that I have to manually blacklist them. And that is my problem, as the "@NabBot blacklist user" doesn't seem to work every time,. 1. How do I got the discord name of the player if I see only game nicknames in the d&l channel? It is hard to keep track of everyones nicknames on the server....

Duplicate DM, can't claim spawn

Hello, a user received 2 DMs to accept a spawn, after this the spawn bugged and cannot be claimed. I searched for this in this discord and found some results but no solutions. UniqueViolationError: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "respawn_hunt_server_id_respawn_id_status_idx" DETAIL: Key (server_id, respawn_id, status)=(1177012910002819103, 5, HUNTING) already exists...
No description

Loot Command Misreads Amulets

When attempting to value loot, it reads the amulets incorrectly in the image.

Ignoring Forums in discord.

Is there a way to make NabBot ignore forums like normal channels? Currently, if I try to ignore a forum, I get an error, and users are free to use the bot in any forum thread they make.

Minimum Character level to register with NabBot.

Hello, on my server a user is assigned a role once they register a character. This role allows them to participate in voting on rules etc. I would like to set a minimum level requirement to register with NabBot to stop people making level 8's to vote with.

premium server

Hello & happy holidays 😋 Can any role put premium on a discord server? Or does it have to be the server owner who activates/pays for the premium? ...
Hi! If you are a patron and assigned a server, the server will remain boosted as long as the patron role stays and you are part of the discord server There is in general no rule to applying server premium, maybe only being part of it...


How do I set up channel name for levelschannel? I already tried few times with no results... "@NabBot settings levelschannel [18digitchannelid]" and same with [channel name]...

Other members of my discord server can't use nabbot

I can talk to the bot and issue commands just fine, but when other members try to, it doesnt, answer. Is there a permission I need to give to the bot to let it answer to everyone else?...
EMS[EK] Maxa Strongjaw12/5/2023

Bot not posting level up and deaths

Hi, I just installed it on my discord server but I'm not receiving the level up messages. How can I proceed?

Transferring my Premium

Hello, Can I transfer my premium from one discord server (that is not utilizing premium) to another discord server?...