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Flow Token Tracking

Hey guys! I was hoping to track some of my Flow Tokens movement. But I don't know how to export a document of transactions from blocto. Does anyone know of any software that works with flow for this sort of thing?...

Updating resource method pre-conditions

Hey all! 👋 I thought of a possibly silly question that others might also wonder about - does updating a resource method's pre-condition in a contract update also update the pre-conditions within existing instances of that resource. The short answer is yes, but here's how I quickly went about confirming... I set up a contract, PizzaPlace with the following: ```...

Preventing a function from being called in the same transaction

In the instance two parties have the same Capability on a method, how would you all recommend ensuring that a resource method cannot be called in the same transaction? My current thought is to track the block that the method is called the first time and asserting that the block height of the successive call is greater than the originally recorded height. Can anyone think of a simpler/more elegant solution?...

Downcasting from AnyResource?

Trying to figure out a way to allow for generic attachments to NFTs. Does anyone know if we can downcast from &ref as auth &AnyResource ? Something like ```...

Welcome to the Flow Developer forums!

You can use these to discuss any and all topics around developing on Flow. This post is to kick things off with an example - and to help you ask any questions about using this new feature or giving us feedback on it. Thank you 🙌...