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Lunch in Monza + Park visit

Meet 12:00 - 12:30 in Monza, we'll find a place to eat and then visit the park. Bring a hoodie and an umbrella just to be safe. The same suggestions I gave to come to Seregno apply fully also to Monza, as all the trains that get here also stop in Monza before. The 11:43 RE from centrale to Monza is good option, for example....

gamedev dinner/drinks

Anyone gamedev-interested want to grab dinner/drinks somewhere? 🙂

Showcase your Carts!

Hey everyone, I'm seeing a lot of awesome things people have done with their badges. I've added a place in the codebase for people to contribute their carts so that they're easier to find than searching discord logs: <- these are the directions on how to do that Eventually I'd love to generate a website for these, but for now it actually helps us test against a ton of applications when we make improvements to the firmware....

05/16 Dinner plans

Where have folks ended up for dinner plans? Heard about Mes Amis but it looks like that’s closed

May 16 Breakfast - 8.30ish

Anyone wanna grab breakfast near the cinema? I'm sure there's a place nearby. I'll be there 8.30-ish.

Day 1 evening

Hi everyone, some of us (including @kristoff) will go to have “aperitivo” (drinks and food) in the Arco della Pace area. The place we are currently targeting is BhangraBar and the idea is to walk there (around 20 minutes walk) after that if people are still hungry and can stay more they can go eat more. Unclear when we will start moving towards the area

Day 1 Tables and Badges

Hello Ziguanas! :ziggy: (and Roc folks too :)) Tons of people (especially the awesome @mattnite) have been hard at work getting the SYCL Badge ready for tomorrow. Come find out what all the hype is all about while hanging out with and meeting a bunch of cool peeps! We'll be working on the badge all day, though it's not a hard and fast thing (you can do other things or not even touch your badge if you want, no pressure!)...

Dinner at the Food market @ central station

I've written on the Roc Zulip a suggesiton to go eat dinner tonight at the food market inside of the milan central station. No need for reservations and a bunch of options to choose from. If you are part of a small group that wants to do something else don't feel compelled to scrap your plans because we're going to stay there for drinks as well so you can your dinner... and eat it too, I guess? Meaning that you can eat wherever you want and then join us for drinks aftewards.

Milan 5/13

Hey, anyone just arrived and want to explore around Milan/maybe get something to eat later?

Learn How to Build C/C++ Projects with Zig

Bon giorno everyone. Here's a thread for the Zig Build System workshop, inspired by Stephen's Mach Engine one. Date: Tuesday, May 14 Location: UNAHOTELS Scandinavia Milano (, registration opens at 09:00 ...

Intro to 2D Gamedev with Mach Engine -

Hello everyone! Hope your travels are going well, we're just a few days away from the Mach workshop! 🙂 Location: UNAHOTELS Scandinavia Milano (, registration opens at 09:00 Some items you may want to bring:...
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milan 5/12

Anyone interested in dinner/meeting up later today I'm hanging out near central station right now and will probably be checking out more museums near the city center in a bit as well 🙂...

Milan 5/14

Creating a space to plan a meet up the day before the conference starts. No particular itinerary to suggest at this point, but perhaps it might be best to plan around breakfast and/or dinner?

Venice adventure 5/13

@doubledup and I are planning a day trip to Venice on Monday 13 May. If anyone would like to join us, you are welcome. Our rough itinerary: - Morning train to Santa Lucia station in Venice - Find food and coffee...

Day 1 Lightning Sessions

Given that the event was more successful than originally anticipated, I rented a second room for the social hacking day (Day 1) to host a series of lightning talks. Each talk will be 20mins long, including Q&A, with a 10min break between sessions. Signing up for a slot can be done in a self-service way by modifying this spreadsheet....