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Hey guys so, hope you all doing great. So I'm in my final year cybersec, and we were asked to work on a project of which they'll have to approve. Definitely they weren't keen on letting us make any attacking tool or test against anything, so I decided to work on a crisis simulator that focuses on replicating social engineering attacks. I'm currently having a hard time cus it's supposed to be python based and I just recently started programming (in ruby). I dunno if I could get an extra hand.

What Songs do You Listen to While Programming?

Looking to listen to some new tunes :)

(enter language here) to exe

Do people not realize that when they convert a python or js or Java file to exe, they're really just bundling a runtime and the code all into one?

Programming Project Idea Tuesday

Every Tuesday I am going to post a programming project idea. Today, a graphing calculator. Suggested implementation: HTML with JavaScript...



is scratch a programming language?

I’ve wondered about adding a Scratch role to the server, but I don’t know if it really counts as a programming language

'Don't write C in C++', they said

"It'll be fun", they said Nah I'm just kidding. So apparently John Carmack himself (former id Software employee and Oculus CTO) has said that he writes "C flavoured C++" and isn't a fan of modern programming styles with templates or anything, and considering how C++ is sort of a multi paradigm language, I want to hear your thoughts on this....

EDM is the best genre of music

Like I said in the title, EDM is the best genre of music

Let's talk about netcode

Recently I've started playing around with Godot. So far I got a basic "walker" type of game logic, so I decided to go for adding multiplayer support. And that got me thinking: what is really the best way to do exactly that? Most multiplayer solutions just update entities' positions across multiple clients. Older ones such as Doom just sends player commands, so the client does the simulation and updates positions based on commands. And there is probably something else that I left out. I thought I'd open this topic up for discussion....

Python Antivirus - BitLink

Now, I think this is good way to explain and create projects here I have saprate base for my py AV


Imma archive this for testing, one momment

What do we plan on using this for?

This is cool and all but what should we use it for? Could this potentially replace #🔨┃develop-your-project-archive? It has much nicer UI and a forum doesn't get closed removing the need for a bot like @Thread-Watcher. Things this could also replace are: #📦┃finished-project-archive (depends if you can sent files and use Discord formatting, which you can), #🎤┃project-discussion (this could also tie in with #📦┃finished-project-archive). It could also replace #🔍┃job-offers. Overall I think this has some cool features. If only we could make it so forums could have tags. Like an "project" or "job offer" tag. Anyway curious to hear your thoughts :)...

poggers, they made Reddit in Discord??

hehe first. just trying out how this looks yada yada