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new mouse idk what this do

got a new mouse whats does the add and minus sign do? thanks...
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anyone good with command prompt?

i ran "Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "C:\Program Files \ WindowsApps \ Microsoft Winget. Source_2021. 718.1322.843 _neutral__8wekyb3d8bbwe \ AppXManifest XML "Verbose" but it still says "No installed package found matching input criteria"

I need to ask someone questions for a school project.

I have something for a school project where I need to interview someone in a computer programming area. I’m asking two questions. 1. What is the daily life in this job like. And ...

Contacting Student Adviser-Samantha Villamor

My friend is a CPP student and has recently encountered issues with course. The Service Hub suggested contacting Student Adviser Samantha Villamor. However, my friend has been unable to schedule an appointment through Academic Contacts and has not been able to reach him. Does anyone know how to get in touch with him? Thank you for helping me.

Changing programs

Hi guys Im currently in the bachelors software engineering (BSA) at seneca newnham on a scheduled break for summer term and im looking to switch to a different degree program most likely Bachelors data science and analytics (DSA). How easy is it to transfer programs here cause my student advisor takes hell lotta time to reply to my message and one of the service hub employee said there’s a very low chance you get transferred as they will attend the set of first time applicants and make sure they...

Got Charge

I email to service hub on May, 05, 2024 that I am taking a break this summer, then when I opened my student home just now, I saw that I have owe a tuition fee this summer? What can I do to solve this? I'm taking CPA course
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Entrepreneurship, 1st Canadian Edition book for DEN502

Does anybody have free pdf of Entrepreneurship, 1st Canadian Edition book as it is mandatory for DEN 502 according to the professor Mina Mounir. Thanks

Study group for IPC144 September

Hi, so I'm coming back for a second semester for cpp this September after taking a break for personal reasons. I have to retake IPC144 and was wondering if anyone would like to be in a study group? I know its still a few months away but I figured it would be best to start learning C right now so we can be well prepared when it starts. We can meet up to study and we can also do it on discord as well. We can discuss what day and time works for each person and how often to study during the week. I...

Can I pay my tuition fees in installments in seneca?

Can I pay my tuition fees in installments in seneca?

Is the Markham campus good?

I have been accepted into Seneca International Academy for CPP, I was wondering it's good overall?

DSA notes link

Can anybody please give me the link to dsa notes😭


Anybody got insights on how the program is?

C++ Backend - Remote Script Execution

For some context im working on this leetcode type application im trying to write where people can post their own questions, submit solutions, leaderboards etc. The user will be presented with a question, some examples and a function prototype they need to implement for the solution. I've come pretty far along but now I just need to handle running the scripts securely, without too much overhead. Having some sort of test case generation (I'll implement the whole TLE and Space Limit stuff later) Now what I'm thinking for the "secure" part is to have a pool of docker containers or something, I use when available. For running the Python scripts I'm thinking of having some sort of Python wrapper that takes in the script's path imports the function and runs it against our generated test cases. Now for our test case generation, I was thinking of having like a config file type thing the user fills out to determine what kind of inputs and outputs to expect. But this all still feels like a lot of work for a person to do to post a question. (question body, correct answer script and a config defining function prototype, return types etc). ...

CPP semester Early enrolment ?

Hi , for second semester I want to take only 4 courses and in first semester I dropped ops102 so which course should I choose? And which general course can I choose which is easy ? And also recommend me professors who are not strict and have excellent ratings.

proffesors for CPA sem 2 ?

I have course DBS211 OOP244 SFT221 WEB222 Please recommend me some good and easygoing professors...

CPA sem 2 Gen Ed course ???

Hi guys I’m in cpa and my early enrolment is like in a week . Although I can’t view the Gen ed courses rn but what would be the best course to take ??

Enrollment questions

Do I have to enroll in 5 classes to be full time? I have 8 courses to take before finishing my program, and was wondering how that would work. Can I do 4/4 or does it have to be 5/3 between 2 semesters? 2 classes are PRJ566 and PRJ666, am I allowed to take both at the same time?...

Can I transfer credit from Seneca college to a German educational institution?

Hi, Currently I am an international student studying at Seneca Markham campus, Since jan 2024 and I want to continue the second or third semester at a German institution. Can I do that? If yes how can I learn more info? If not I want to continue studying at Seneca and apply to a german university while being a international student in canada, if I can I would move to germany. Can any one help me or if there's anyone who has done it before you could connect him/her with me that could be a great...