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Those who did co-op with the Government, how is it?

Hello! I’m just curious on the overall work experience with the government. I’ve seen a handful of people who are working co op with the government.

So I wanted to know if you enjoy working there and how the working condo are for a student developer?

Why iterating through an array by incrementing pointer gives such output?

This is my code snippet, I was trying to print the elements of the arr by accessing its values from the pointers.
#include <stdio.h>

* main - entry point
* Return: Always sucess (0)

int main(void)
Declaring vars /
int arr[] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10};
int i;
parr = arr;

/* Try to iterate by pointer incrementation */
for (; parr != '\0'; parr++)
output: arr elements plus an unknown element */
printf("%d ", *pa...

Language recommendations?

I'm pretty new to programming and C is the first language I'm learning since its the one taught in sem 1. Should i try learning any other languages on the side yet or just focus on C and C++ in 2nd sem. Also any recommendations on which languages to learn if so? I was thinking python maybe.

Capstone Project Ideas

Hi guys, I am currently looking for a solid project idea for PRJ566. So far, our team came up with 2 ideas, but the prof doesn't like any.
First, we decided to build a chat application, but he said how does it solve an actual problem. Then, we proposed something similar to Kijijji but just for Seneca. He didn't like that either (already done by students).

Does anyone have any leads for what we can work on? We need to finalize it by tomorrow.

floating point and fixed point

any good resources about floating point and fixed point and how they work under the hood, thanks in advance

People who completed CPP, what now?

If you're open about it, I got a few questions -
What now? What do you do?
Did you get the job you wanted ? Or anything close/better ?
Are you continuing your studies or nah?

Can you graduate after a coop term?

Some people were saying that you can only graduate after an academic term. I was thinking that I would be changing to cpa after 3rd sem and after coop graduate with cpp.

What are the easier courses in sem 2

I'm planning on taking only 2 courses. I have to work almost everyday, so I'm looking for courses that have less course work and are easier. I finished all gen ed requirements

I'm thinking of WEB and SFT, but would appreciate advice. Thanks

Does anyone have trouble connecting to matrix?

Im connect to the VPN and when i try logging in to matrix, this is what it shows.

what are these numbers in c language ?

#include <stdio.h>

int main(){
    FILE *file = fopen("test.txt", "ab");
    fwrite("hello world", 1,4, file);

what is 1 and 4 ??

if i am not mistaken 4 is the number of bytes to read and 1 is the size of the byte which means i can increase the size of 1 to wherever i want to present unicodes am i wrong ?

CPA Hardware Question

Do I really need 512GB of storage, 16gb RAM, and a quad core processor to make it through CPA or can I make do with 128GB of storage and 8gb of RAM. Only asking because the first hardware specs I mentioned were listed as requirements and I don't really have the money to upgrade/purchase a better laptop

where is the difference between these two file modes ?

where is the difference between w and w+ in c ? they both erase the file where is the point of using w+ in c language ?
VVithu 058/31/2023

Continuing my education from CPA to Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Advanced Entry pathway

To anyone who has successfully transferred from CPA to the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Advanced Entry program at Ontario Tech University, what were the prerequisites you had to meet? On the Seneca website for CPA under pathways, it says that the only prerequisite you need for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Advanced Entry program at Ontario Tech University is a 3.0 GPA. However, I am wondering if there are other prerequisites one must meet to be accepted into that pro...

Test Center

Has anyone ever been to Test Center for a SUP exam ?
If yes how do they conduct it and can you elaborate how was your experience

Theoretical question about renting a place.

Sorry in advance if this post doesn't belong here. So I'm currently searching for a place to rent, and noticed that it is much cheaper to rent a 2 bedroom apartment and split the rent with someone then to live alone (probably obvious, yeah?). So will the landlord or his agent or whoever is in charge of the place allow me to rent out the room later? Have someone done that?

Curious about Part-time CPA and how different it is

Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone has experience with the part-time program and how different it is? I've started full-time CPA in first semester but sadly didn't get to finish it and had to take a long break b/c of health problems, so I was thinking of maybe doing the part-time for now. I know the main difference is there isn't co-op (iirc). The main thing I need is the fact that I can take the courses online, unlike in first sem all of them were in-person and I really struggled with that...

Do I need to upgrade my laptop?

My laptop specs

i5 5300U
4 GB Ram (extendable to 8, I have an extra slot available)

BTW does it require webcam?