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Is it possible to use payment methods in Vue Storefront like in Magento?

I recently integrated Magento with Mercado Pago and needed it to work on vuestorefront, but unlike Magento it doesn't do the entire payment process, it just pulls up the payment method without making it.
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I have a problem installing VSF2 on my computer, I want to start developing my website, but I can't

◇ ⚙️ Choose an integration template: │ Odoo │ ◇ 🙌 Node.js version is compatible │...

buildModule with updated package

i want integrate magento with nuxt3 boiler plate i've updated dependencies, now i've error on buildModule(middlewareModule<Endpoints>,{...} ``` No overload matches this call. web:dev: Overload 1 of 2, '(module: ModuleInitializerWithMandatoryOptions<{ connector: Methods<WithoutContext<typeof import("~/storefront-nuxt3-boilerplate/node_modules/@vue-storefront/magento-api/lib/api/index")>>; context: { ...; }; }, Options<...>>, moduleOptions: Options<...>, extension?: object | ... 1 more ... | undefined, extensionOptions?: object | undefined): { ...; } & object', gave the following error. ...

VSF - Magento2 : Event observer for the place order

I want to call a 3rd party API that triggers SMS notifications after a customer places an order. Which is the best event I can choose? I have tried checkout_submit_all_after, checkout_onepage_controller_success_action, and sales_order_place_after. None of these events have fired.

Vue Storefront 2 integration for Magento 2 or boilerplate nuxt3

Hello, I need to do an integration for Magento, what is the best choice between these 2 versions? do you have magento2 integration with vue3/nuxt3? because I think if I use vsf integration with the cli in vue2/nuxt2, the migration would be very complex, if not impossible.

vuestorefront memory Leak Issues on Production

vuestorefront production environment memory exceeds 2GB, causing 502 502 Bad Gateway. How can I solve this problem? This is the package.json of the project...
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Magento integration and pageBuilder

Hello, We want use Alokai magento integration and we have forced to use pageBuilder of magento. in your enterprise version do you have components and / or integration for this? is it in development?...

I'm building Magento VSF. What's the difference between Alokai and VSF's doc? Looks similar

As stated in the title. I got these two documentation that make me a bit confused: 1. Alokai doc 2. VSF doc VSF doc seems to be more clear for me. But I want to know what's the difference between those two? Also which use case should I use one? Thanks!...

How to use a custom integration

I am creating a custom integration for my new project with a Sylius backend I followed the quick-start and used the boilerplate template. I created several api endpoints and tested them using the playground. This is my setup for now The next step is to start my new vue storefront project so i initiated a new project using ...

How to upload the project build in cPanel?

I need to upload the project to a server, the idea is that magento and vuestorefront are part of the same domain, moreover, I would like to generate a build and be able to play in cPanel's public_html as I have done on other occasions with other technologies. However, when generating the build with yarn build (the same happens with yarn generate to generate static files), it gives me 3 directories (client, server and api) and a nuxtrc file. Would it be possible? I was a bit lost with the generated files, after all I looked in several places and unfortunately I didn't find anything that really helped on this occasion as it's not exactly the same as a nuxt build....

Questions after Alokai rebranding

After the rebranding and introducing new terminology/project names, some things are a bit confusing. Some questions: There's a repository: 1. I understand it's the open source VSF 2. Is the open source version unofficially dead and only way to use Vue/Alokai Storefront is to go Enterprise?...

Problem with Custom Integration

Hello! I am new to Vue 3 and Nuxt 3 and am interested in the Alokai Custom Integration to connect our REST APIs to it and see how far we can go from there. I've downloaded the Nuxt 3 Boilerplate project and was following the wrong tutorial (Vue 2 Boilerplate Tutorial) at first. At some point, realized that the tutorial was wrong and so moved onto the guide here instead

storefront-nuxt3-boilerplate - magento api integration

hello all, i want to start with boilerplate and add magento sdk it's possible or not, i don't understand installation, cause errors. ERROR(vue-tsc)...

can i in one component set all checkout state related values?

I want set all checkout state related values and redirect user to checkout#reviewOrder route, is this possible?

Frontend Sylius integration nuxt 3

Hi all, I want to start my first project with vue storefront and my back-end is a Sylius shop. The frontend repo from BigBag that is featured by VSF is, but his is a Nuxt 2 (vue 2) project. Since I am starting a new project i would it to be up to date and use vue 3. Is there an option to use this project with nuxt 3 or would i need to create a custom frontend integration....

When quickly opening several tabs with products, a blank page appears

I have vuestorefront for magento 2. And when I open several boxes with goods, I often get a blank page.. What is this connected with? I attach a video with the same problem on your demo site

why query data is mot being change?

currently i m working with vue storefront that is being use magento2 as backend and as cms also here i added images to top categories of app like men ,women but its not displaying i checked gql query that is responsible of getting categories from db image was missing there i added it there but its not being update dont know why here is my code base:
const fragmentCategory = fragment CategoryFields on CategoryTree {...

SyntaxError: Named export 'useClickAway' not found.

SyntaxError: Named export 'useClickAway' not found. The requested module 'react-use' is a CommonJS module, which may not support all module.exports as named exports. CommonJS modules can always be imported via the default export, for example using: import pkg from 'react-use'; const { useClickAway: c, useKey: i } = pkg;...
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magentoRestAPI in next-sdk

Hi, I would like to ask about next-sdk-magento or nuxt-sdk-magento. We have all these available queries of GraphQL (picture) which we can consume in our application with the below code (as an example): ```useQuery(['products'], () => sdk.magento.products({}), { refetchOnMount: false, refetchOnWindowFocus: false,...
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