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About request log from middleware to magento

hi everyone :vsf:

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out today to ask for some guidance regarding a challenge I'm facing. Specifically, I need to inspect the requests (including headers) sent from Nuxt(is middleware) to Magento, and I'm not quite sure about the best way to accomplish this.

I've attempted to log requests in plugins and middleware. While this did...

VSF2 product Swatch

Hello everyone ,

I'm just curious if i can implement product image swatches in product details page in VSF2,
same as in magento product details page .
I am using magento 2 integration.


VSF Hosting - deploy on vercel

Hello everyone, did anyone manage to get this deployed to vercel... i am pretty close... the build works and its also accessible but i cannot get it to access the server... did anyone get this to work as hosting on vercel?

Fetch .env variables in .vue files

Hello everyone ,

I am trying to fetch an .env variable in "modules/checkout/components/VsfPaymentProvider.vue"
but "process.env.SOME_KEY" is not working for me , which is the default way to access env in .vue files .
PFPeter fan5/25/2023

Server side render

I am using v1 verison of this library, but I found that SfFooter componet does not get rendered on the server side, so does this library support SSR ?

Custom Integration Boilerplate - Where is functionality?


we're implementing a complete custom integration with backend, api, theme etc ๐Ÿ™‚

i'm curios how the shipping var is filled with calling the load function in useUserShipping. I can't find that code - only the types - could you tell me were to find it?

The Magento integration is not that helpful....

SfComponentSelect dosen't hold selection

Hi there,
i have problem with SfComponentSelect component

            :persistent="false" >
              v-for="value in option.values"

SFUI 2.x with Magento 2

How can i use SFUI 2.x with Magento 2.
Want to test SFUI 2.x on my local machine to see its performance.

Is there any documentation available for integrating SFUI 2.0 with magento.

VSF2 + OpenMage

Greetings ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a question regarding the integration of Vue-Storefront 2 with Magento 1.9 (OpenMage). I would like to clarify if this is possible and if there is any ready-made functionality available in VSF2?

Hi All

I am trying to implement Payment gateway in vsf ,But I cannot find the yarn or npm package mentioned ,

It is that these packages has be removed , is vsf at the moment doesn't have any payment other than default magento cash/check method ,

I am new to vsf please help ,

following documentation .


Basic Auth

Hi all. I have a question regarding authentication. On our prod instance everything works fine. But our dev magento installation is behind a basic auth. When i connect to that instance (i added auth header in middleware's customApolloHttpLinkOptions) it does connect, but I cant login anymore because the magento bearer token overrides the basic auth.
Even when i try to connect with https://username:pass@magentodevinstance the auth header still gets overwritten. Do you know an...

"Accept all cookies"

I am using shopware-pwa with Shopware 6 and I'm trying to expose an Accept all cookies button. The setting is switched on in shopware 6 itself under Settings -> Basic Information -> Security and Privacy. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks, Tom

Following Digitalocean deploy tutorial leads to error

Hello! I'm following this step-by-step tutorial
but I get an error during build:
ERROR Error: error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported

and build hangs on forever.
Can you please help me understand what's wrong? I think I carefully followed every step in the gui...


I am planing to implement vsf payments for magento ,
I am following this guide "https://docs.vuestorefront.io/adyen/magento2/guide/installation.html"

But it seems that the package is not available ,
Is there any update , if yes can you please provide any documentations for payment integrations.
Also If there is any other alternative to adyen , please share .

How to add additional field to Customer Type

compared to what it is said in the documentation I'm only able to get few information from the user using useUser composable. I want to get the customergroupid the user has but when I console log user.value im only getting few details like in the screenshot. So where and how to add the types for customer.


Where can I find more info on cookies ?
Meaning, are the merchant cookies exposed to Storefront ? Or do we need to create our own ?

Editing index.js file in.nuxt project

Hello I would like to add bootstrap to my porject so i added the import into the index.js file to make it globally accessible. But somehow the import gets deleted after a while. Is is possible to edit the index.js file at all? Should i create a new file somewhere else?
Maybe some can help me ๐Ÿ™‚

Error deploying - connect ECONNREFUSED

Hi - it's me again ๐Ÿ™‚

in local development, using yarn dev everything works fine. Even directly addressing the production backend works from local dev. But after running yarn build and starting up with yarn start it gives me this error.

Does anyone know what to do? We're using the Boilerplate Integration... Maybe we forgot some configuration?

Thanks in advance

Error _theme/layouts/default.vue

Hi i'm getting this error - does anyone know how to solve this?

how to send an API content-type:multipart/form-data of this format in api-client?

how to send an API content-type:
multipart/form-data of this format in api-client?