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How integrations should update to using the new SDK version of VSF?

Hello, I tried the SDK version and it seems really nice, but how integrations should update to it?
- Is there any upgrade guide?
- is it ready to update?
- Every integrations should build their own composables?
- Is there any interface to follow for the SDK methods?

CORS origin Error

Hello Guys
when I try to fetch data using API i got same CROS origin error on console
can you give some idea how to solve this error

Error accessing grand_total at orderGetters.ts

I have problem accessing grand_total at orderGetters.ts,
line 6: export const getGrandTotal = (order: CustomerOrder): number => order?.total?.grand_total?.value ?? 0;
This is the api query called in order page, there is no, there is only order.grand_total.
Please advice on this. Thank you.

New Storefront SDK integration + Middleware rewrite from old (Nuxt) v2 composables - getting started

Hello VSF people

I'm starting to explore the new Storefront SDK and Middleware, and will have to reimplement our v2 composable implementation we have and translate it to the new SDK one!

Note i don't need an UI/theme or Storefront UI implementation yet.

Looking at the documentation i'm a bit lost... says npm install @vue-storefront/sdk but later on on initializing import { initSDK, buildModule } from '@vsf-enterprise/sdk';... what is the...
ZPzaid parashift9/26/2023

How change single product page slider setting ?

On my single product page, there is a product images slider given & there is a Glide slider that is used, currently, it's scrolling horizontal side. I want to scroll it vertically with a mouse wheel scroll. I want to change in slider setting. I tried to check settings but I didn't get it. Please help to check where is Glide slider configure setting is available on the page.

I have attached a screenshot of my page code and marked it with red color to highlight the Glide slider. @rohrig & @skir...

change product gallery

Hello @rohrig
how change product gallery horizontal to verticla
like this

shipping problem

how to solve this method

How to change magento 2 admin user and password

I want to know how to change admin password and user in magento 2 . I installed through vue-storefront/cli. Does it have a default admin user and password?
ZPzaid parashift9/25/2023

What is the way to do live of vuestorefront Project?

I want to put my Vuestorefront project live, so how to do it? Currently, it's working in localhost.

No request call on page refresh

Currently I'm playing with storefront-nuxt3-boilerplate + custom integration (sdk/api-client).
Is anybody here have a problem with useAsyncData on page refresh? When I go too, for example /category by clicking on header, useAsyncData works perfectly fine and you can see request with proper response in network, BUT when you refresh that page (/category) than there is no request in network, and you can see null response in console.log after the call.
Not sure if that topic is related https:...

how to fetch related product as per there category

hello guys
how to fetch related product as per there category
i have to fetch categories product in related product section

above of share your look area

how can i do that

React as a dependency in Nuxt.js project

Hi, I would like to know why this project has 'react' and 'react-dom' as its dependency.

Also why '@erpgap/odoo-sdk-api-client' or '@erpgap/odoo-sdk' package also requires react?

1st attempt at SSG

I set target: 'static' in the config. When I run nuxt generate I get a bunch of errors like this one:

ERROR in ./node_modules/.cache/nuxt/router.js
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve './pages/Category.vue' in '/app/packages/theme/node_modules/.cache/nuxt'
@ ./node_modules/.cache/nuxt/router.js 167:24-169:3
@ ./node_modules/.cache/nuxt/index.js
@ ./node_modules/.cache/nuxt/client.js
@ multi ./node_modules/.cache/nuxt/composition-api/register.js ./node_modules/.cache/nuxt/client.js
Is th...
ZPzaid parashift9/22/2023

Want to customize a single product page image slider?

Is this possible to change the product image slider? I want a slider on a vertical scroll with a progress bar. I have attached a reference video below. and I also have attached my product page screenshot.

Can't load product detail in VFS when open multiple tab on browser

Hello everyone! The current project I'm working on is deployed on the client side with vuestore font from the repo . I post encountered a problem that took me a lot of time. This problem appears when I open multiple tabs on the browser with vuestore font. I really need support

how to create sale pages

Hello Guys
how to create new sale pages and in that show sales product only

Any Open-Source version of a SDK implementation for CMS

In VSFv2, there were open source versions for 2 CMS systems (Storyblok and LexasCMS - see

Will there be any open source version available in the new default SDK variant?

how to create new pages

hello guys
how to create new pages and fetch product in that according there category

When i click on sub menu it give an error

hello guys
i share my screen record please check once
when i click on sub menu it give an error