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Community questions


not sure how to install open brush on pico 4

i tried to find an awnser if it is possible to use open brush on pico4 standalone but i only found videos showcasing it, never how it was installed

downloading and installing the apk from ichio only opened a black window after waiting a bit and closed it for a restart

but any further attempts only opened the black window again but this time it closes on its own after a few seconds

Crash on 3d Shape tool

Using the kitchensink build when the 3d shape tool button is clicked the app will crash.
(tested with htc vive, windows build)

Relevant Stacktrace:
ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64, GetLastError: 'The specified module could not be found.' (Address: 000002A2294D1596)
ERROR: SymGetModuleInfo64, GetLastError: 'A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.' (Address: 000002A2294D1596)
0x000002A2294D1596 ((<unknown>)) (function-name not available)
0x000002A5048ABCAF (Mono JIT Code) Ti...

official build doesn’t quit

Getting the circle of death on the app in Oculus. It won’t quit. Even when I restarted the oculus app, it was still cycling preventing me from opening other apps as well. It wasn’t showing in the task manager to do a hard quit.

Renaming bug in beta

1. Open one of the featured scenes
2. Modify it
3. Save it as a new scene
4. Try and rename it

The keyboard doesn't appear.

Jitter seems broken in the beta

Just tested on Quest latest. Will do more tests shortly.

The stereo-360 videos aren't really stereo

I'm working on an Unreal Engine project for VR that relies on some 360 stereo footage previously captured with Open Brush. However, to my dismay, I discovered that the videos produced by Open Brush have identical top/bottom frames! This can be easily verified in Photoshop by overlaying the halves of any frame. It doesn't provide a 3D view but rather just a 360 photosphere. The result in Unreal Engine is extremely disappointing. Upon closer examination of the generation process, I noticed that in...

Pico 4, Video recording is not working.

Video record function is not working in the latest update downloaded from Sidequest, gifs and pictures do work, but it fails to start capture with video. Also in the newest update sometimes it causes lag and strong visual artifacts when the camera tab is opened.

Screen is pink when playing scene "Main" in Unity and viewing a sketch?

This occurs regardless of what SDK mode is set in Config. At start, the sketch selection menu loads and pink screen occurs after selecting "View sketch." Is this a render pipeline issue?

Point of Origin Issues on Exported Models

Models now export crooked with point of Origin at an angle. A game object is now under the heirarchy of the model as "empty unlimited" and "reference unlimited" for both GLB and FBX.

After cloning repo, opening in Unity 2021 has me enter safe mode?

After cloning and attempting to open the repo in the recommended Unity 2021.3.9f1 (and what the repo indicates, Unity 2021.3.16) as well as downloading Python 3, I am forced to enter safe mode with the following list of errors:

How can I open the project in Unity / resolve these errors?

Error Message still referencing Tilt Brush

Creating 360's and started a new one before the last was complete. Not sure if you wanted to change this or not due to branding.

3D Printing Brush Error

Official Beta: 3D printing brush on export (GLB) is showing pink in unity, brushes not combined and listed as: Hidden/Internal/ErrorShader as brush type. If I change the brush type to Brush/Diffuse/DoubleSided it shows properly. However, not all of the 3D printing Brush strokes are showing in Unity.

Imported Models no longer exporting with sketch

Using the official OB beta, models you import into a scene no longer export with the sketch with GLB

Open Brush is Crashing Steam

Steam very regularly crashes while working in open brush and I never experienced this before. Any tips would help.

App lab experimental - Keijiro Tube and 3d Printer Brush

(experimental brushes enabled) default app lab install, quest 2 standalone
Keijiro Tube produces a black brush
3d print brush (from black background and possibly others) when used changes the lighting or scene background
radically changing the color scheme.

Mylar issues

Imported models as glb into unity for VRC. When in scene mode mylar looks fine when using the mylar unity package to apply the material to the model to make it tapered as it should. As soon as I go into game mode, it balloons up. I reinstalled the OBT and the mylar package after, same issue. Tried to reimport the model and get a broken glb (paper icon) and the model doesnt import anymore. Weird thing is, the mylar brush was fine for some models but not others. All glbs no FBX. First pic S...

Sloppy pointer

Been noticing that the pointer is no longer accurately selecting items within a menu or dont work at all using several clicks. Not as accurate as before. This happens on the official release and beta as well. Occurs most on pop up menus within (rebrush, etc)

Controllers are disappeared

After returning from passthrough mode, or taking off HMD and coming back to open brush, controllers are disappeared or miscontrolled.
on Quest 2 standalone and Quest Link.
version: 2.3.0, 2.3.52 beta
BYBenedict Yu8/9/2023

The video camera function not working in the OB

Hi all, I am very new to Openbrush and Discord, please pardon me if I am on the wrong channel.

I am using Oculus 2 and I am not able to locate the video camera function in OB. I want to take a good-quality video, not screen recording from Oculus. Also when I took snapshots, gifs, and auto-gif, they turned out to be completely black when I extracted files via Sidequest on my Macbook.

Any kind soul can help me solve this issue or explain to me what I should do? Thank you very much.

Waveform FFT not showing when exported to Unity and SDK/Toolkit

For some reason waveform FFT isn't showing in unity when using assets that use this brush. Almost as if the emmission gain is too low?