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Aligning models

You can use it to snap a model that you've already added to a fixed point. Do your models align correctly outside of Open Brush? i.e. do they have the same anchor points?

Was there recently an update of some

Was there recently an update of some kind? All of my experimental brushes seem to be gone, and along with them all the geometry I painted with them

Animating in a sketch

Hey all. Bringing this question from a suggestion I saw on reddit: Is there a way to record a scene as it loads in? The build-up reminds me of painting timelapses, and I'd love to capture my bigger projects. Is it possible?

Origin points in exports

How are people handling exporting instances from Open Brush to Unity? Is there a way in Open Brush to export the transforms of grouped objects? Say I draw an object made up of a few strokes (like the smiley face here) and I group it and duplicate the group a bunch of times in my scene, how can I export a list of transforms so that in Unity I can swap them for prefabs? I'm noticing that when I export a sketch, the JSON metadata file includes raw transforms for imported models, but not for meshes that I draw within Open Brush. I also notice that groups inside FBX and GLB files all have frozen identity transforms, so the data isn't there. Perhaps the data is saved in another format?...
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Brush Editing Build

I just pushed a new build. Give it an hour and see if the original links work. Let me know if not.

PLY files

Which folder should ply files be added in OB? Models? Just saw you have support for them as well as web m

Easier access to files on Quest

Hello, im using open brush on 2 headsets, quest 2. Ive got 35 students to create in them and saved each work. I now want to export and copy all the data so I can use the 3d exports

Black screen running on PC via Quest Link

I am setting up a lab to run open brush with students. When the Quest 2 is connected via the oculus link cable to the PC open Brush opens but the enviroment is black and there are no menues loading on the controles. The PC also shows a black screen with the Open Brush logo in the lower left corner. PC Alienware 13th gen i9-13900HK 32 GB Ram...
JHJason Hayhurst11/23/2023

Exporting animated brushes to Maya

Is there any way to get the more dynamic brushes to export to Maya? Or are we limited to the Unity SDK route?

Viewing sketches on the web in AR

What is the best app out there to view open brush creations in AR on a mobile phone? Is there any better than AR loopa or Styly or are those the only two that will load the shaders?

Capturing / exporting video on a Quest

Hi guys, I want to use OpenBrush on a Meta Quest headset for a university project in my final year. For iterative design feedback I'll need to be able to show people (locally) the progress of my project, be it via the headset, exported video / GIF / images, or ICOSA if I can upload WIPs. I'm reading the docs, reddit threads and these Discord channels for information and have a few questions that could fit into a few of the different channels here. If a Thread is needed I'll use a Thread. Any scope of reply is appreciated, feel free to break the questions down, anything helps. ...
SYSharingan Yusuf11/12/2023

Adding a panel

I duplicated the BrushesPanel prefab and added it to the panel manager, but it does not instantiate when I go into play mode
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Hiding the Tool panel

Hello, Does any one know how to hide tool panel ?

Best version of Unity for SDK

Hello, what is the best version of Unity to install Unity SDK: v24.0.0 ?

Continuous painting

How do you do continuous painting? I've seen other people do it on videos but I can only do 1 stroke at a time. I have no idea what I'm missing.

Immovable objects

in the quest, is there a way to set up a model that is unmovable while the things you draw can be zoomed in and out/rotated?

Sharing complex scenes

Does anyone have any good ideas of how to show a very heavy TB/OB painting in an immersive way? Whether it be AR, on a tablet, on mobile, even a YouTube 360 video???? LOL I'd love to hear how others have come up with clever solutions lately?

Open Brush on Quest 3

Any input / thoughts on OB on Quest 3 versus Quest Pro?

Painting on the inside of guides

Question/feature suggestion. Is there a way to "inverse" a set of guides? As it stands I want to use a sphere guide to paint a skybox, but I can only paint on the outside surface of the sphere. I also am unable to scale it past a certain point. (I'd like to scale it past the parallax point as show in this video to directly paint the skybox for a seperate scene.) Being able to paint on the inside of a sphere scaled to the size I would like would be super useful. As currently it appears I can only paint on the outside....

Hey guys I got 2 quest 3 s and am trying

Hey guys, I got 2 quest 3's, and am trying to draw with my son, but cannot figure out how to do this. Any ideas? I read it was possible to do mulitplayer in the same space with this app?...