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Dynamic Grid and content type Block

How do i dynamic grid in a block. i need to have a Grid block where the number of columns can be dynamically altered. For e.g someone selects a the grid block assigns number of columns too it, add either images, text or any other content. What is the path i should take?

Custom CSS in backend

Can we use custom css in backend to modify colors, show/hide modules in backend ?

Creating Posts/Models programatically from controller.


Is it possible to create blocks/modules/model/repeater content programatically from controller or any function. Please advise.



Good evening. I would like some help. I've upgraded to version 3 of Twill, and the "featured" functionality has stopped working. How can I configure it in this new version?

PhpUnit Test for Twill Blocks/Modules?

Can we write PhpUnit test for Twill Blocks and Modules?

BlockComponent blocks are not available in BlockEditor

I created blocks using php artisan twill:make:componentBlock name as per documentation, but none of them are available in block editor. I think I set up BlockEditor as it should be BlockEditor::make()->blocks(['Columns', 'text', 'imagetext', 'image']).

Do I need to register BlockComponents somewhere?

Slows down the page after saving the @formConnectedFields field

Good afternoon

I have several roles to which I want to attach the ability to select certain actions (publishing a post, unpublishing, for example).

The problem is that after saving, when you click on the checkbox again, the page slows down and crashes with an error that the page is not responding.

I also found a problem that if you save a user with a role, for example, an administrator, then the saved field is displayed under the role, for example, a reader (that is, there m...

Checked checkboxes by default

Good afternoon (morning)! I use the Multiple Checkboxes field

How can I make certain fields checked by default? For example arts and civic (in the example).

Define Settings-Views inside a package>capsule

Is there a way to configure a settings related view inside a package capsule? I couldn't find something about that one. For example a "registerSettingsViewPath" or a property/method returning an explicit view for the related settings.

DatePicker not updating or incorrectly updating field

Having a weird issue with the DatePicker field which seems to have popped up in the last few weeks or so (project is still in development so not sure exactly when it started happening). DatePicker was working previously.

Running 3.0.1 and I have ran twill:update

Two issues appear to be happening.

1) If I enter a date into the field then field saves as the previous day. Example, if I enter "May 15, 2023" the payload sent to twill su...

fileparams in Model

Is there any documentation on fileparams. For instance how to add file types parameter to it

Third Level Categories

How do we set our model to cater a third level category or parent->child->child? Currently it only cater until 2nd level. Please see attached image. I wan to create another child of "Another Product", though it was saved into the database but I cannot be displayed.

Select Field

Hi, is there a way to search an item in a select block? Just like autocomplete

How to create multiple navigations with multiple levels based on the navigation Guide

Following the Guide at it's straight forward to integrate a navigation with page browser. But what if you want to create multiple navigations: primary, sidebar, footer
And maybe they also have different levels.
So the one starting with "Startseite" would be primary one but "test" should not be a second l...

adding a custom link in the dashboard

Is there any way to add a link to a custom page in the dashboard? like adding the link in dashbord.modules array in config/twill.php. Twill 3

->getRelated for menu didnt work.

I follow this manual
I do all the thinks which is there,
I do some links to my pages in twill
I will be see a relatitons in twill table
MariaDB [laravel]> select * from  twill_related;
| id...

Twill + Spatie permissions

How would someone go about implementing spatie permissions in Twill. The spatie permissions are pretty comprehensive. For e.g If i wanted certain articles in a module article to be accessible only to a certain group, Twill doesn't have permission management for such a scenario. So how would one implement them in the CMS?

v3 package resources / blade templates

I created a fresh v3 package but inside the documentation I can’t find a description on how to add blade templates.

Right now I follow the guide on how to manage frontend users as profiles but I want to create corresponding admin/repeaters/tasks.blade.php and other views inside the package so I can reuse it easier on new projects and also distribute the package later.

Looks like there is a mix between v2 and v3 stuff in the documentation as well? Because there is nonstick directory...

v3 Package creation - version mismatch


I started installing twill 3 n a fresh Jetstream based laravel App. I could also create my first package but it looks like the package requires twill v2.6 instead of 3.

Updating the composer.json file of the newly created package helps but maybe there will be follow up errors?

Hi, do you know where I can add another link?

Aligned with All Items, Published, Draft and Trashed. I just want to add new link