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Upgrading from 2.0 to 3.0 -Block Editor $groups issue

Hello! I'm getting a strange error (see picture). I've tried clearing all caches. It only happens on one of my modules (name "Pages" module). I suspect this might be due to some now-deprecated style of handling blocks, but I'd really rather not update all unnecessary code yet and want to get my production site up and running first, lol. When I dig into the cached view it references in that error, I see this:...
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HDHazarcan Doğa2/15/2024

Inline Repeater get's overridden by another InlineRepeater with the same name in another block.

The code in first image get's overriden by the code in the second image in admin panel. Normally, when I changed name of the inlinerepeater in the first image, it renders correctly as you can see in the 3rd image. However when I turn it back to 'tabs', it get's rendered as in the 4th image. How can I solve this issue?...
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Table custom column

Hello! I created module Product and relationship with module Category. I would like to display category title as 1 of Product table columns. I didnt find example in documentation, using twill 3.0. Can you please provide me with information. Also I need to create custom column with select field status so user can change status without entering inside 1 product. Status field is string type enum....

Multi select selected issue

In twill3 I created 2 CRUD, ImportedItem and ItemTypes. I used Multiselect for selecting ItemTypes. **$form->add( MultiSelect::make() ->name('item_types_id') ->label('Item Type')...
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Upgrading from 2.0 to 3.0 - routing issues

Hello! I'm currently updating twill to 3.0 from 2.0, and I'm having some issues with routes. I'm getting the following error: "Route [admin.index] not defined. (View: /var/www/html/Xerocraft/vendor/area17/twill/views/partials/navigation/_overlay_navigation.blade.php)". Any clues on what might be causing this?...

Disabled defaults in controller based on user RoleGroup

I want to disable, create, edit or delete actions according to user RoleGroup or there is another way to achieve this with permissions?

Drag and drop issue

Hello, any idea how to achive DnD working on modules list. Problem is in that when you go below limit of first items, when holding item from list above and you want to move it to the top of the list, screen doesnt move and it doest allow going upwards. But when holding item from top of the list and you want to move it bellow it works. Screen follows cursor direction....

File library 404 error

Hello, I'm encountering issues with the file library. When I upload a file, such as a .txt file, it's successfully saved on my server. However, when I attempt to download it or use it in the frontend the file is not found. I haven't configured anything because I believe Twill works by default with the local file library. My file was saved in the same directory as the media library: storage/app/public/uploads/. Here's the output of the command find . -name test_twill_file_upload.txt:...
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InlineRepeater deleting data on related Model entries

I'm using an InlineRepeater to add relations with pivot data between two Repositories. The relations and pivot data are being stored as expected, but I just realized that when I update the entry, it is also deleting Media and Block data for the related model entry. I just lost a good bit of work to this. I have a repository Location and a repository Taxa, with a location_taxa many-to-many pivot table to connect the two. In the Taxa model, I've created this relation:...

"astrotomic/laravel-translatable" n+1 queries

I've got a package issue which is composer required by twill. 800+ queries on a model only getting one locale at a time based on the /en/ suffix. I have checked and this is the only item showing up in debug tab generating this. When i switch models to call directly from database without twill the amount of queries returned is 32 - and this is getting 388 record items on a foreach loop....
HDHazarcan Doğa2/6/2024

Repeaters and Blockeditor won't work with media library.

I saw the pst regarding JSON repeaters. So I switched to the block editor for the content that NEEDS some kind of a repeater. How can I achieve this? What should I upgrade or how can I integrate this repeatable medias feature? In our design, there are lots of blocks that needs this....

Tag Field on Block not Displaying Saved Tags

Hello. I am using the Tag Field in a block, the tags are being saved correctly, but the field is cleared when I reopen the block on the block editor. Updating the block therefore clears the field. I added the HandleTags trait to my model's repository. Anything else I might be missing?...

File link in view issue

Hi everyone i'm trying to render a file in blade view bug seem difficult to me how can i render link of that file i have uploaded in backed ?

Issue using repository methods??? Twill 3

Can someone please provide any support for the following error: Declaration of App\Repositories\PostRepository::afterSave($object, $fields) must be compatible with A17\Twill\Repositories\ModuleRepository::afterSave(A17\Twill\Models\Contracts\TwillModelContract $model, array $fields): void I have been looking to set up a repeater as per the twill guidance docs with the following in my PostRepository (however I'm running into some errors): ...

How can I make sure my assets are loaded correctly on a subdomain?

I have a site for example and a twill installation on Now when I go to all the css does not load because it tries to get it from instead of How can I fix that?...

I can't see any images in twill media library.

Hello, everyone! I have installed twill and tried to upload a image to media library. However, I am not able to see the uploaded image, I have changed the .env file and config/twill.php file so many times according to the prior artcles and discussions. But nothing seems to be working....

DatePicker Exception

I'm getting an unexpected error while using a pretty simple DatePicker in my sidebar form. Undefined variable $formFieldsValue (View: /app/vendor/area17/twill/views/partials/form/_date_picker.blade.php) In my form: ...

Some fresh vibes would be nice :))

Would love to hear some global announcement about twill cms this year and where it's heading @ifox . Twill has not received any love and updates for about 8months now so it would be super beneficial to remind the community that project is not dead

Edit defaultOrders in controller

What would be the most correct way to edit? $this->defaultOrders of ModuleController in my controller, I understand that setting it in setUpController would work, but it is not a public method, My idea is something similar to this: ...

Vue2 EOL Plans?

We're upgrading our application and generally upgrading our setup in preparation for the Vue2 EOL at the end of the year. In updating that, we've noticed that Twill has a Vue2 dependency. Are there plans to upgrade before the EOL on 12/31/2023?