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[SOLVED] 0 views on youtube

the 4 views are me and one friend i share the video with, this is the first long video i will post and having 0 is not encouraging why is that ?
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[SOLVED] Need a tiny bit of help with the css code for my chat overlay.

So I have my chat displayed in my DIY overlay, and so far I have been able to make the background transparent, and change the font, but I need to apply transformative effects to the text. The problem is when I add that part of the css to my code, it effects the chatter's name, but what is actually being chatted, and I need that to be the other way around. Any advice? Here is my current code:...

I'm trying to hit partner before I leave for twitch con San Diego

But I don't know if it will matter because I don't know if I can change my status on the pass if someone knows if it is possible please can they let me know

Do people still like skits

Would you click and watch on something like this
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question i post skits in long form and i cut some of those up and turn into shorts as of recently i have been taking parts from my twitch streams and turning them into shorts as well . just wanted to know if this would be hurting my channel or not when it comes to YouTube tryna show my content. like im growing off of some of these clips but i dont want it to completely shift the main skit audience im aiming for .
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I need help

Looking for someone that can do animation rotoscope

Dead Videos

So i dont know if this is normal and my videos are just bad, but it seems like my long form videos are just plain dead. i have 2 impressions, and a 50% clickrate, and it serms like my video isnt recommended to anyone. I wanted to ask if there might be objective factors that cause the algorithm to not even give my video a proper chance? -I used cooyrighted music (it didnt give me a strike) -I used small bits of footage from other videos and sound effects from youtube -2 videos have the problem, one is 1.40min and the other one is 2.50 ...

Streaming Procreate on Twitch through PC; Suggestions for Mirroring Software?

Hello! I've looked into this personally, but I found conflicting info. I was wondering if anyone else on here streams procreate through their PC and would have any suggestions for good screen mirroring software to use? I am currently testing Reflector 4, but I wanted to see if there were any better deals before paying the $20 for the license.


I recently graduated from law school only to realize I don't wanna do it. The only thing i know is to use a little bit of camera and little bit of editing, don't have any support whatsoever and don't know what niche i should be making content.

getting started on streaming need help

So I got a question. If you don’t have a hdmi port on a MacBook and you have a capture card is there a thing you can maybe buy that is basically a added hdmi port to your macbook? Sorry if this sounds confusing. I’m also gonna be streaming from my Xbox to the MacBook using obs but the problem is I don’t have an hdmi port already in my macbook.

[SOLVED] Feedback on videos

I hope you guyz like my video Please give me feedback on what I can improve as more the people tell me I improve more
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I dont know what type of content I want to make

Tbh I outgrew gaming and I don't really enjoy it, but I still have a good base in editing and allat. I wanna make something more personal, I dont mind being infront of a camera or having my voice recorded but I need ideas ASAP

Trying to use my account to make some money on the side

Hello 👋 I own an IG account that I've been growing and have gained a decent chunk of followers and views since I created it. I'm having trouble figuring out how to make money off of it without selling out and lose my entire audience. Any tips? Thanks!

[SOLVED] Help with tips and tricks

Hey i was wondering if anyone knows some tips and tricks for my new gaming career for roblox edits.

Streaming Tips!

Deciding to go back to streaming and need some tips, like how to talk to an inactive chat, gain more viewers and just have fun in total, Also up for convos is if anyone knows how the whole tiktok algorithm works?

[SOLVED] Best free stock footage websites

Im running multiple instagram theme pages, and i would really benefit if someone could share free stock footage websites for me to use. I'm interested primarily in videos


I’ve been trying to start YouTube for a while now but haven’t really found a good time to start. I’ve been having trouble finding a time to start because of school and just being kind of lost in making videos. I want to start YouTube so I can group a community, but I need some help and tips. I haven’t even came up with a name for the channel cause most of them are either taken or they just sound dumb. I plan on making Roblox gaming videos and shorts. If you could help me in any way that would b...

YouTube Channel Demonetized for Reused Content

I need help. My YouTube Channel got demonetized for reused content. Will my estimated revenue in YouTube Studio still go to my Adsense account and can I still receive it in my bank account? (My Estimated Revenue is above $100)