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I need help !!

What do I do to fix this error
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Tracking Fb Meta Pixel in application that targets Kids application

I am trying to track fb pixel from an ios application which is coppa compliant but it is not tracking. Is there anything we can do to make it work

Supported Destination

Is there a way to have mac(designed for iPhone) while keeping iPad It automatically changes when add or remove ipad...
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Add a local backup system.

Hello I would like to add a local backup system, does anyone have a source or a site to recommend to me? Thanks...

If you need help, PM me & add me as a friend

Offering free help within reason, additional services relative to AI/ML as i am a NLP Researcher for various groups. I have extensive swift/uikit experience, feel free to pm me and we can work through your problem for a resolution.

Iphone 15 battery

I started using my iPhone 15(base model) in October 2023, and I checked today and saw that the maximal capacity in battery is 92%, I feel like that is very low after such a short time of owning my phone. I’ve had 295 charging cycles. Is this normal? Is there anything that I can do? Help😀
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Unable to List Voice Folder

I’m creating a AAC app, and to generate speech output I’m using AV Speech Synthesizer, and I’m brand new to coding. I grew up playing with Scratch and I’ve been working on this for a few months so that’s it, I’m basically clueless. Ever since importing AV foundation and hooking up my speech synthesizer, I run the app on my iPad (Mini 6, iOS 17 something whatever), and get a little message saying “unable to list voice folder” I can still generate the TTS, it still speaks my text, but I can’t set anything up in my app to make adjustments to the voice- can’t select the voice, adjust the rate, the pitch, whatever, it just defaults to what I have set up in my accessibility settings. So I don’t know what to do I don’t know where this issue is coming from, I’ve tried to find it by googling, tried to get chat GPT to help, it’s not happening… I’m hoping someone here could help, or if my project sounds interesting enough to you I would love a coding partner so feel free to DM me for more info ...

need help

I wanna make all four characters do the fulFillOrder() function but it only works for one of them. Can anyone tell me how to fix this

Feeling Stuck | Xcode swiftUI Project.

I am building an application that can play two audio files at the same time. chatGPT and I have developed a working prototype. There is much more work to be done. However, as I learn the syntax of the language and understand how to structure data, I am concerned that what I have built thus far will be difficult to expand on later down the road. ...

Need IOS App Developer

We would like to select and upload and view a group of photos to AWS, then transpose the metadata from the EXIF file of those photos into a PostgreSQL database, for querying. We would like to invoke the photo selection and uploading through Apple's App Clips. This project is only for iPhone....

Seeking Help with Mac App Crash Issue - $1000 Reward

Hello everyone, I'm facing an issue with my Mac app where it crashes upon opening. I've uploaded the app file to Google Drive and would appreciate any help in identifying and fixing the problem. The app can be downloaded using this link.

macos support issue

Hello, I have macos 11 , which is out of support, and I can't afford to buy a new MacBook and my MacBook is not strong enough for OS update . So how can I use macos 12 or 13 in my MacBook ? Because I am importing some libraries that only macos 12 supports, so how can I resolve this issues ?...

Noob Status

learning Swift with no prior knowledge of programming what so ever any tricks ?

vision framework

does anyone have experience working with the vision framework and coreml? got an interesting project i'm working on. would love to discuss

Xcode framework conversion

How can I turn a Swift language module into a framework via Xcode? Can you help me?

Cannot convert Value

Exact error: Cannot convert value of type URL to expected argument type MLModel I’m using swift playgrounds on iPad...
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Class for MLModel

Can someone help me out? I don’t have an Mac available right now so I’m coding on my iPad. I need the class which gets automatically created when you import an MLModel into XCode. I need the class for the ResNet50 model. Could somebody send me that via private message or post it in here?

Am I trippin' or is this animation absolutely not behaving like intended ?

I was trying to fix some animation problem and somehow got down to this weird behavior : ```swift import SwiftUI struct ContentView: View {...
Ok for those interested I found a workaround : using scaleEffect instead of frame seems to fix the problem Not sure why this works but I guess it has to do with the fact that the view's frame is used to determine its position in the parent view...

SwiftUI Project refuses to build in GitHub actions after adding an external dependency

I'd try to explain it, but I'm not super familiar with the Xcode Build process, so I'd probably volunteer wrong information. It builds locally in xcode. Ask me anything else you want to know about the project and how it's supposed to be set up Feel free to ask anything you need to know