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Direct Search using Lucene

How to use query string so that it will directly search on lucene.
I am trying this code but it is throwing me an error.

Sending multiple lines in the console to a remote server

Is there a way to send multiple line in the console to a remote server? I thought a backslash at the end of a line would work (it does work locally) but I get an exception. I'm trying this with the 3.7.0 console and the latest JG build for the server.

Graph object not available to create custom long id in remote server setup

I'm excited about the enhanced custom vertex id feature. When reading https://docs.janusgraph.org/master/advanced-topics/custom-vertex-id/, I found that the "graph" object is needed to invoke "graph.getIDManager().toVertexID(123L)". In a typical remote server deployment, we only depend on "janusgraph/gremlin_driver" and don't have access to the "graph" object. Looking at the "toVertexID()" and "fromVertexID()" functions they don't seem to make DB calls. Was there a reason this could not be extra...

Different vertex Ids with exactly same properties

I am using Janusgraph 1.0.0-rc2 with Cassandra as a backend.

I recently encountered an issue where I saw two different vertices with different vertex ID but have exactly same properties,

Even when I have indexed the property as UNIQUE.

Is this a known issue of rc2 version?

Preservation of order for LIST property

Hi, Does janusgraph guarantee a preservation of order for a LIST cardinality property on query (i.e., FIFO)?

index convergence to REGISTERED failed

i'm trying to register an index called "id", it fails to register, when running

mgmt.awaitGraphIndexStatus(graph, 'byId').status(SchemaStatus.REGISTERED).call()

i get the logs of the process running and then

88775326 [main] INFO org.janusgraph.graphdb.database.management.GraphIndexStatusWatcher - Timed out (PT1M) while waiting for index byId to converge on status(es) [REGISTERED]
==>GraphIndexStatusReport[success=false, indexName='byId', targetStatus=[REGISTERED], notConverged={id=INSTALL...

Does the quintillion edges limitation stil exists after introducing custom vertex id support?

We have exhausted almost 25% of our ids after 6 months of using JG (edges are still below 100 billion), Was curious if this change related to custom-vertex-id remove the limitation on custom id? also does this mean this limitation as mentioned in the title will also get removed?

Would also like to know when are we planning to release 1.0.0 stable release?

Could not acquire new ID block from storage


Hope you are having a good day!!

What I am doing ?
I am using Janus graph to store my graph in a Cassandra keyspace. My keyspace would have multiple graphs, so I am creating different tables for different graphs. for eg: If I have two separate graph, then I would have two different table for edgestore, lets say one table would be graph1_edgestore and the other table would be graph2_edgestore. I am using custom storage backend to write to such tables.

Currently at one point of time, I...

StaleIndexRecordUtil.forceRemoveVertexFromGraphIndex not working

The job is getting successful, but I can still see the vertices in the graph.
It is weird that even If I pass a non existent vertex ID, the job does not fail.
any idea why such behavior? or am I missing something?

Check status of StandardScannerExecutor job

How can I check the status of the below job?

Problem with mixed index query : All property & hasId

Hello, i have a problem during a query using mixed index in order to call ElasticSearch "all" property.
Everything works fine when i only use "has(label, key, value)" alone: index is called, but when i used "has(label, key, value).hasId(within(ids))" GraphCentricQuery is correctly built but it doesn't retrieve my vertex. Any idea why this doesn't work ?
(I use or step in order to use JanusGraphStepStrategy to fold has container)

thanks you for your help

Impact of ID Pool Initialisation on Query Performance

Greetings everyone,

We're currently operating a JanusGraph setup with cluster.max-partitions set at 1024 and ids.num-partition at 10. Our primary goal is to ensure high availability for the cluster instances. However, we've noticed that the initialization of the ID pool is causing disruptions, during server restarts. The root cause seems to be the initialisation of ID pool threads for each partition until every partition has a ID pool.

Upon server restart, the ID pool is initialised based...

JanusGraph fails on initial startup (cql-es)

Hi all,

I have a problem that's been popping up once in a while regarding only the initial startup of Cassandra/ES/JanusGraph.

Sometimes it fails with "table edgestore doesn't exist", or "table janusgraph_ids doesn't exist". However, if I restart the JG pod, it completes. To me, it sounds like some sort of race condition.

There's a thread for JG 0.6.0 with the same error:

Exhaust all paths between two or more vertices

Is there some way to go on a path finding mission with repeat().until() type construct that avoids the early stop observed while the until condition is first met? That is, without skipping .until() for .times().

Standard way of restructuring of existing data

Hi folks we have usecase where we would like to restructure data present in a graph, for example we have existing graph with structure like this: <Node: User A> --<Edge--Pays>--<Node: Payment 1>--<Edge--Receives>--<Node: User B>, and using this existing data, we would like to add an direct edge from User A to User B for faster queries. Is there a standard way to achieve this?

Find all paths between two vertices

Not sure this makes any sense, but here goes. Could someone please provide a solution to how one would avoid dead-end paths to be traversed, i.e., how can one avoid multistep traversals following .bothE().otherV() to return to self?

Here's my non-working query

`g.V().has('lbl', 'DexpiElement').has('tagname', 'tagA') \
.emit() \
.repeat( \

Is there a way to access the management from gremlin remote console?

mostly i need to be able to create vertex and edge labels dynamically from gremlin, is it posible?

What configuration i can use for the root.schema.default?

i know it's supposed to use "None" so it will require a schema, but in my use case i need a schema maker, i cant find a single example with the schema maker turned on.

JanusGraph Instance startup failure due to id block allocation

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to startup janusgraph instance after setting up the properties for authentication db but the server is terminating with an error Could not acquire new ID block from storage. Please see the full stack trace in the image attached, not sure why this is happening I'm trying to spawn up a single instance (There are few other instances which are already running)

Storing large temporal data in janusgraph

Hi folks, we have a requirement to store around 100M events per day for last 1 year, mainly temporal data. What are the best practices we can follow to avoid supernodes, minimum impact on query performance.