dotnet format and jetbrains rules

I'm wondering if it is possible for dotnet format to include ReSharper rules from .editconfig.

I have .editconfig with a mixture of standard and JetBrains rules in my project.
So, for example, I have the rule:
resharper_max_initializer_elements_on_line = 4

And I have an object with 4 initializers in a row.
When I run dotnet format --verify-no-changes, it shows me I need to move all initializations on the separated lines.
\Tests\Queries\GetProcessingStatusTests.cs(26,43): error WHITESPACE: Fix whitespace formatting. Replace 1 characters with '\r\n\s\s\s\s\s\s\s\s\s\s\s\s\s\s\s\s'.
Only if they have an analyzer-based version of their formatter (they don't, AFAIK)