Learning Agile and Scrum on my own, looking for advice, resources, insights

I haven't had the chance to work both in groups of developers nor in groups of developers working under Scrum or Agile work philosophies/frameworks/methodologies.

What advice/course/selected-reading can you give me for learning this on my own? Keeping in mind that I want to be prepared for the time when I get into a team working under those methodologies.


Thanks in advance.
I'm sharing here my findings on this topic, for anyone's use:

MMMayor McCheese9/5/2022
Eventually everyone gets to a bastardized version of scrumfallban, this is for a lot of reasons, but mostly your goal is to get things done.
MMMayor McCheese9/5/2022
Any purists are going to give you ( ironically ) rigid advice about agile that will likely fail
MMMayor McCheese9/5/2022
You can lookup techniques like SPIDR and INVEST as well.
MMMayor McCheese9/5/2022
Also, imho agile is about not being afraid to tell the truth. This is the hardest part imho
MMMayor McCheese9/5/2022
I literally said in a standup the other day, I’m having trouble focusing, I think it’s the medication I’m on, but I need to take it easy for a few sprints until I get this under control.
Great insights. Thanks.
And yes, we are only humans after all. That's some valuable information to share with any team.
About Agile:

http://agilemanifesto.org/ This seems to be the very first official site, dating back to 2001.

https://www.agilealliance.org/communities/ I'm not sure if the Signatories of the manifesto are related to this site, but it is a really comprehensive one with lots and lots of good resources for learning and getting involved.
UUUnknown User9/6/2022
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MMMayor McCheese9/6/2022
You might want to look at feature selector theories too, for instance MoSCoW