Troubleshooting Visual studio .net 6, debugger

Hi, Ran in to a so strange bug/problem this week. I'm working in a multi tier solution with several projects and running the startup on a single project depending in other projects. Two days ago my debugger stopped working, it just says "the source code has changed, breakpoints won't be hit" (something like that") I have been spending a lot of time at google trying out different things. If I delete bin and obj folders in each project and rebuild them with dotnet build the debugger start to works again! BUUT, If i do a single code change in any projects the problem gets back. It's so frustrating, ofc I can solve it with go into every project and delete bin and obj folders and the rebuild. But this is time consuming and really ruins the joy of development. One things I did notice, it feels like when restarting the debugger that maybe some project is not terminated, not really sure here tho (need to dive deeper here today) Any ideas?! Thanks in advance
Unknown User563d ago