Entity Data Model Wizard

I was watching this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oGxPoTGl0U&ab_channel=TekTuition Around the 1:54 mark he uses something labelled the "Entity Data Model Wizard". I assume this is related to the Entity Framework (going by google searches). However, as far as I was taught, EFcore uses classes to store DB relationships. Is the "Entity Data Model Wizard" a GUI representation of this process or something entirely different? I'm really confused as to how the "Entity Data Model Wizard" relates to EFcore
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it doesn't, edmx is old stuff from EF that is no longer used in ef core
What does edmx actually do? I'm confused since it basically maps out the database as well. Is it fully deprecated? Is it still used for any purposes? What functionality difference does it have from EFcore?

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