Use static functions in runtime code (rosyln)

ALArch Leaders11/5/2022

I'm trying to import a static class (using static namespace.class) into rosyln executing code (await CSharpScript.EvaluateAsync(code)).

In this example, the function Query is a static function in the running assembly.
// Normal math functions
int value = 15 + 45 * 34;

// Reference an equation in the history panel
int reference = Query("001");

// Return the final solution
return value + reference;

namespace MathNotationTool.Extensions
    public static class CodeExt
        public static decimal Query(string entry)
            return ViewModel.Calculator.ViewModel.History.Where(x => x.Name == entry).FirstOrDefault()?.Value ?? 0;

Currently I'm setting the default code options in the startup function:

But this doesn't seem to work. The function isn't recognized, and importing the namespace in the executing code fails in the same way (namespace/assembly not found).

Is there a way to import a static class into the memory-runtime?
ALArch Leaders11/5/2022
Okay I found the issue. I just misunderstood how ScriptOptions.Default worked. I thought it set the default when using WithImport, but it just returns the options object with the imports (which makes perfect sense now I think about it).