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Many to Many Matches and Exlusions

Hi there, I have 3 tables, Items, Tags and ItemTagMappings. Each item can have many tags, and each tag can be associated with many items. ItemTagMappings is a 3 column table with it's own ID as PK, and two FKs, the Item ID and the Tag ID. I have two lists of Tag IDs. Ones to match and ones to exclude. I need to find the list of items which has every single one of the includes, but if it has any of the excludes it shouldn't match. I have this working perfectly and fast with Includes only. Trying to get the excludes to work on top of that is nearing impossible. Please could I get some help?
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Pokey2y ago
Resolved! If for any reason you ever come across this and want the answer, ping me like hell