Where do I download the .net framework sdks [Answered]

SLSherbert Lemon11/14/2022
I have a rather old program I am trying to run and I need the sdk for 4.5.2 but on the https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/visual-studio-sdks site the framework developer pack's don't install in the same way as the current sdks, where do they install and how do I get it working?
.NET SDKs downloads for Visual Studio
Download .NET SDKs for Visual Studio. Visit our main Downloads page for all .NET downloads, including Linux and macOS.
SLSherbert Lemon11/14/2022
actually the assembly has its version as [assembly: AssemblyVersion("")] which seems even older than what I want, it has been a while since I have used framework
assembly version isnt linked to what .NET version it was made with
SLSherbert Lemon11/14/2022
ah that is old
Microsoft Download Center
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (fristående installationsprogram)
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 är en mycket kompatibel direktuppdatering av Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 och Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1. Offline-paketet kan användas i situationer där webbinstallationsprogrammet inte kan användas därför att Internet-anslutningen inte fungerar.
SLSherbert Lemon11/14/2022
ah ok thanks
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