Sapphire - Imagine a framework
Sapphire - Imagine a framework


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Hi, welcome to the #1047162744710889504 forum channel. Forum channels work similarly to thread-only channels, but come with a handy post search, so if you are seeking support with something, you can probably find an answer without creating a new post.

This forum has labels to divide posts into which version of discord.js is being used. Please try to tag your posts appropriately.

When creating a post, you will have to assign a label before posting, if one is missing, please assign "๐Ÿงต Miscellaneous" and contact &737143732939259944 to add the missing label.

Please also avoid leaking/merging topics โ€” even if they're small โ€” unless they're closely tied. Keep posts single-topic so they're more searchable.

As always, please read #737142021084413973's rules and this forum's guidelines before posting.

Thank you in advance!
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