❔ ObservableCollection + multithreading

What is the proper, no bs way, to update a UI-bound collection of items from worker threads?
By update, I mean CRUD from worker threads on a collection that is MVVM bound to e.g. a WPF/Avalonia/... ListView.
I've found some articles that have solutions for .NET Framework, and some refer to custom-made collections... I'd like to know what is a good, production-battle-tested way of doing this (in .NET Core/.NET, of course).

Thanks in advance!
DynamicData is one of the solutions I've found and used, but is there something native?
I'm no UI expert, but hearing collections and multithreading in one sentence usually makes me think of the Concurrent* collections immediately
ConcurrentBag, ConcurrentQueue, ConcurrentDictionary etc
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