❔ Invalidating Claims from previous sessions claims when Logging In

I am using ASP.NET Core 2.0 AND IdentityServer(4?) and I need to invalidate the previous login when this user logins but I see that calling UpdateSecurityStampAsync logs me out from all previous login even tho I make it login once more...(this event is called everytime it logins but i dont know hwo ot invalidate the previous logins, do you mind helping me? thank you
  o.Events.OnSigningIn = async ctx =>
                         var principal = ctx.Principal;
                         if ((ctx.Principal?.Identity is ClaimsIdentity claimIdentity))
                             var mgr = ctx.HttpContext.RequestServices.GetRequiredService<SignInManager<ApplicationUser>>();
                             var user = await mgr.UserManager.FindByNameAsync(claimIdentity.Name);
                              var res =mgr.UserManager.UpdateSecurityStampAsync(user).Result;
                                 await mgr.SignInAsync(user, true);


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