One person on redditDCS forums is using

One person on reddit/DCS forums is using #10 spring so it mimics a helicopter. I don't even know what that means haha. I got so much to learn
原子力Hoshino495d ago
basically vkb provides different springs, and the tension of the spring goes up and down with the #. in GF base, the default spring is #20 which is already rather weak. #10 basically is just used to hold the cam otherwise it will droop freely. iirc someone had tried using rubber band or something like that to achieve the same purpose.
CraptakulaR494d ago
Thanks for the explanation. Do the different springs come with gunfighter?
Ye Old Grog494d ago
Yes, the only one they don't come with is the #50. It's recommended by VKB for use with extensions so they don't include it.