❔ Not able to read Entries of a zip file

Hello everyone 🙂

I am trying to read a zip file in a dotnet Framework 4.7.2 Project using the code below:

using(var archive = new ZipArchive(stream)) {
  //get all the xml applicant files in the zip
  var xmlRepresentativeFiles = archive.Entries.Where(ent => Path.GetExtension(ent.Name) == ".xml").ToList();

However I get an exception saying "Number of entries expected in End Of Central Directory does not correspond to number of entries in Central Directory."

I can't seem to figure why this is happening.

I tested the file using 7zip and noticed this warning:
warning 16-bit overflow for number of files in headers

Have added some screenshots for reference.

This is the link to the zip file I'm using: https://easyupload.io/gx66wn

Would be grateful if someone pointed me in the right direction here 🙂
Bad zip file?
Was this issue resolved? If so, run /close - otherwise I will mark this as stale and this post will be archived until there is new activity.