❔ Property Changed

Hello there, i'm currently developing an app in wpf using the model mvvm and i do not understand why my datagrid won't refresh when i call : OnPropertyChanged(nameof(Thicknesses))
to specify, i've set my datagrid to
ItemsSource="{Binding Thicknesses, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}"
and the List Thicknesses is supposed to be refreshed by 2 things :
- the first one is when i change the Material which each one contains a list of thicknesses
- the second on is when i add a new thickness
OnPropertyChanged(nameof(Thicknesses)) is well triggered when one of the 2 case i mentioned is filled but the update seem to works only if change the Material but not when i add a new thickness to it.
You probably need to change the "IEnumerable<Thickness>" in your view model to an "ObservableCollection<Thickness>" instead if you want it to capture add and remove events.
thanks it work :heartowo:
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