❔ Test file not found case

Hello. How simply and cleanly to test file not found case? I have web api app with two services. One sorts int array and prints to text file and other loads last sorted result.
       public SortingService(IConfiguration configuration)
           _configuration = configuration;

        public async Task<List<SortingDto>> SortingListAsync(int[] numberArray)
            var sortingList = new List<SortingDto>();


            string sortedArray = string.Join(",", sortingList.First().SortedArray);
            var savePath = SaveTextFile();
            await File.WriteAllTextAsync(savePath, sortedArray);

            return sortingList;

        public async Task<string[]> LoadSortedArrayAsync()
            var loadPath = SaveTextFile();
            if (loadPath == null)
                throw new FileNotFoundException();
            string[] lines = await File.ReadAllLinesAsync(loadPath);
            return lines;

        private string SaveTextFile()
            return _configuration.GetValue<string>("FileLocation:Path") ?? null;
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