❔ Custom DataTemplate for TextElements or alternative approaches

In WPF I'm working on a customized RichTextBox that will add TextElements that are bound to view models. I want to DataTemplates for this, but you can't put TextElements in a DataTemplate.
I've been looking into DataTemplate and FrameworkTemplate to see how they work, but its quite involved and maybe I'm over thinking this.
I want to be able to supply, in xaml preferably, a collection of mappings between a partially configure DataType and a template that will be bound to it.
This is the code I have for the association at the moment, making a copy of the DataContext is easy enough, but I don't know a what to do to make a copy of the ElementTemplate and maintain the binding information.
<x:Array x:Key="DetailTypes" Type="{x:Type v:ContextOption}">
    <v:ContextOption DisplayName="Header">
            <m:AddDescriptionDetail Style="Header" />
            <rt:Header Text="{Binding Path=Description}"/>

    public class ContextOption
        public IShallowCloner DataContext { get; set; }
        public string DisplayName { get; set; }
        public TextElement ElementTemplate { get; set; }
My aim is to make it so I can easily add new type associations and how they will be rendered in the FlowDocument
Seems this is doable to a limited extent by implementing ICloneable and using MemberwiseClone
This limits its usage to custom types
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