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BWbig willy1/23/2023
Write an application named DailyTemps that continuously prompts a user for a series of daily high temperatures until the user enters a sentinel value of 999. Valid temperatures range from -20 through 130 Fahrenheit. When the user enters a valid temperature, add it to a total; when the user enters an invalid temperature, display the error message:

Valid temperatures range from -20 to 130. Please reenter temperature
Before the program ends, display the number of temperatures entered and the average temperature.

using System;
using static System.Console;
class DailyTemps
static void Main()
// Write your main here.

im just really lost here and need help on pretty much this whole problem. if anyone can help at all i'd appreciate it very much!
We aren't going to do your homework for you - you should at least try writing some code and if you get stuck you can ask specific questions and someone can help.
fr 💀
some clues:
- use a List<float> to store the temperatures entered
- use a while(true) loop to keep collecting temperatures from the user
- use $tryparse to parse the string that the user enters into a float
- do the logic and display the reuslts after the loop
The TryParse pattern is considered best practice of parsing data from a string:
- a TryParse method returns true or false to inform you if it succeeded or not, so you can use it directly in a condition,
- since C# 7 you can declare a variable that will be used as an out argument inline in an argument list,
- it forces you to check if the out argument contains valid data afterwards,

Avoid: Convert.ToInt32 — it's a bad choice for parsing an int. It exists only for backwards compatibility reasons and should be considered last resort.
return Convert.ToInt32(null); //returns 0. null should not be considered as 0 ever
return Convert.ToInt32("asdf"); //throws FormatException
(Note: Convert does contain useful conversion methods: To/FromBase64String, To/FromHexString, ToString(X value, int toBase), ToX(string? value, int fromBase))

Avoid: int.Parse — you have to use a try/catch statement to handle invalid input, which is a less clean solution.
var number = int.Parse("abc"); //throws FormatException
var number = int.Parse(""); //throws FormatException

Use int.TryParse https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.int32.tryparse?view=net-5.0#System_Int32_TryParse_System_String_System_Int32__
if (int.TryParse(someInput, out var result))
  Console.WriteLine($"Thanks for giving me the following number: {result}!");
  Console.WriteLine("You didn't give me a valid number :c");
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