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Hello @FVTT ▹ Developer! For a bit of better searchability and cohesion I have started the #typhonjs-runtime forum channel as this will be a better way to keep discussion about particular topics organized. For those just getting started w/ the TyphonJS Runtime Library / Svelte and Foundry 3rd party development please check out the following demo repositories. Installation instructions in the repo READMEs. ES Module starter repos: essential-svelte-esm - contains many demos of basic to advanced usage. https://github.com/typhonjs-fvtt-demo/essential-svelte-esm template-svelte-esm - a bare bones module template repo. https://github.com/typhonjs-fvtt-demo/template-svelte-esm ------------- Moving to a forum based channel makes it easier for folks who want to keep up on topic discussion and deeper conversations skipping chat oriented discourse. There isn't a need for a separate forum for system developers as you can filter posts by tag and follow posts of interest. You must select at least one tag to make a post. The following tags are available: Question - For tech questions / support. Discussion - For tech discussion. Progress Report - Show us the cool stuff you are working on and keep us updated! Module - Module specific. System - Game system specific. Svelte - Svelte related. ES Modules - Javascript / ESM related. Typescript - Typescript related. FVTT v10 - Foundry v10 related. FVTT v11 - Foundry v11 related. TRL - TyphonJS Runtime Library related. ------------- [Administrative]: I have created a new category Developement-Archive and have moved the previous dev chat channels here and plan to keep them around for the rest of the year until a possible pruning. In the next week or so I'll lock down discussion in the archive category, so do feel free to finish off any threads there. A fair bit of knowledge about applying TRL + Svelte to the Foundry platform is captured in those chat channels. Moving forward I am all for casual chat continuing as I think that is an important form of discourse, so do stop by the #dev-lounge channel for more free form discussion about any dev topics (do remember to create a thread as applicable though!), but any particular topic oriented discussion and problem solving is best in the new forum channels going forward.
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