❔ Attach to `w3wp.exe` process on Windows 11 ARM64 VM

Hello, I'm trying to run and debug a .NET 4.8 project running on IIS, on a Windows 11 ARM64 instance.

I'm able to build the project, create an IIS site and generally run the application.

However, previously I was able to debug the IIS application by going to Tools > Attach to Process and selecting the running w3wp.exe - which is not possible when I do this from an ARM vm.

Has anybody had success with this scenario before I move on?
Remote debugging or VS is actually running on the ARM machine?
you should be using .NET 4.8.1 if you want to run it on Arm64
and you need to build your app as Arm64 specifically (not AnyCPU). that's my understanding, anyway
you will not have a good time trying to run your app under x64 emulation
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