❔ ASP.NET Core web app vs ASP.net web application(.NET Framework)

Hi, Ive been working with c# for a while now and would like to make a webapp but I dont know where to start. Should I use ASP.NET Core web app or ASP.net web application(.NET Framework) and whaat are the differences?
When creating a new project, prefer using .NET over .NET Framework, unless you have a very specific reason to be using .NET Framework. .NET Framework is now legacy code and only get security fix updates, it no longer gets new features and is not recommended. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/569261465463160900/899381236617855016/unknown.png
Unless you have a specific need, go with core
Framework is old and Windows-only
Alright I got it, one more thing. If i make a webapp using .Net framework and host it will people on other devices be able to acces the site?
Depends how and where you host it, but it can be done, sure You'll just need to shell out some $$$ for Windows Server hosting
ohk got it. THanks everyone
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