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❔ C# WPF playing background music

Hello, I have WPF app for game launcher/updater. I wanted to add background music, so I added this code to my UI.xaml: <MediaElement Name="backgroundMusicPlayer" LoadedBehavior="Play" Visibility="Hidden" Source="../Resources/Music/theme.mp3"/> In Visual Studio it works as expected, the music is being played. But if I build the solution, music is not playing. The "theme.mp3" resource has Build Action = Resource and Copy to Output Directory = Do not copy, since I need the mp3 inside the exe. Could someone point me to what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!
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d56Wr17mo ago
Looks like mp3 can't be in resource, but has to be as standalone file for some reason. Now it works.
Accord17mo ago
Looks like nothing has happened here. I will mark this as stale and this post will be archived until there is new activity.