❔ Something is wrong here but idk (UNITY)

So I am following a tutorial but apparently there is something wrong in this code and I don't know what is wrong
how do you know something is wrong? Aside from the missing brace
Seems VS wasn't set up properly to work with Unity. There's no solution explorer, and the green arrow button says "attach" not start or debug
you're not setting the rigidbody
I got it to work its okay
If intellisense is not working for VSCode / Visual Studio, follow these steps.
Go into Unity Editor -> Preferences -> External Tools -> Set Visual Studio (or Visual Studio Code) as your preferred editor.
Go into Unity Editor -> Preferences -> External Tools -> Set Visual Studio (or Visual Studio Code) as your preferred editor.
Close the editor and re-open it again by double-clicking a script file.
Was this issue resolved? If so, run /close - otherwise I will mark this as stale and this post will be archived until there is new activity.

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