❔ Windows Forms Project

I am close to giving up but I need this class to graduate... I have ruined my progress so I am starting from scratch apart from the form design.. Please help!
Help with what exactly?
The entire project honestly. I have the design ready but I have butchered the code too many times and I am losing my mind..
I am not good at C at all and I only have a book with minimal examples to guide me. Stackoverflow/Chegg/GitHub/OpenAI have not been much help. It is definitely my fault due to knowledge though.
Well, once you have specific questions, we can give specific answers
For anyone to understand your question you’ll need to tell us, what your issue is.
I have too many problems to think straight. I have trouble passing data between forms, I have no clue where to start with the conversions storage or anything. I have resulted to trying to find someone to do it for payment, I have had a nervous breakdown with this project :mweh:
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