Registering commands and other paths

Hi guys! I'm having some troubles.

When I use sapphire new, everything works as intended. The commands in the commands directory are registered properly.

However, if I do not use sapphire new and try to add it to an existing project, without sapphire init, it doesn't register the commands. After looking into it, and logging the stores, I see that the paths should be C:/.../myProject/bin/commands, but the path is showing C:/.../myProject/commands. Even if I copy the .sapphirerc.json from the other working one.

Why does this happen? I've tried using sapphire init with the same problem - it looks a directory up.

I cannot see anywhere in the working project, using sapphire new, where any additional configuration is added.

AOAnswer Overflow2/16/2023
Topmost big red block:

Configure the main property in your package.json correctly
That was it! Thank you!
AOAnswer Overflow2/16/2023