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Is there a multi-select component?

My system may require the assignment of one or more options, rather than just a single option for some items. I had a look at the TJSSelect component but I don't think it supports multiple select? Wondering if there are any suggestions or whether it's a case of roll-your-own.
Right now TJSSelect is more or less bare bones. Eventually there will be a multi-select component. In the latest TRL / svelte-standard I really focused on tightening up everything that currently was in the standard library. Your mileage may vary considerably in looking for existing 3rd party components, but this one looks pretty good and can be styled w/ CSS variables:

Add the above NPM dependency to your project in the dependencies section of package.json; run npm install; then you should be able to use it in your project. Of course refer to the documentation for that component as I have never used it.