Getting modalSubmit error over the weekend

Did discord change something???
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Favna417d ago
Something that should've been an URL is null | undefined instead Can't say anything more without you sharing more information
Spinel417d ago
When asking for help, make sure to provide as much detail as possible. What have you tried so far? Do you have stacktraces that you can show us? What are you trying to achieve? Try to answer these questions and others, so we do not have to ask for them afterwards.
❯ For a good guide on how to ask questions, see the instructions that StackOverflow gives. You should try to always follow these guidelines. ❯ For an excellent video that shows how not to ask technical questions is this, watch this YouTube video by LiveOverflow. ❯ Asking technical questions (Clarkson)How to ask questions the smart way (Raymond)
infamousminerz417d ago
Thank you sm, this helped, I wasn't able to use the modal to post a regular embed without having both a thumbnail and image url. Posting without them was throwing this error. I checked if the urls were not provided by using if statements and that fixed it Thanks sm!
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