How to load url data into Neptune?

I am trying to load a small dataset into Neptune and it seems to always error.

I tried"<file path>").
with(IO.reader, IO.graphson).

And it says
"detailedMessage": "Failed to interpret Gremlin query: Query parsing failed at line 3, character position at 9, error message : token recognition error at: 'IO'",

So I tried without the IO
"detailedMessage": "Failed to interpret Gremlin query: IO request has to be a URL",

I tried to url manually and it downloads and works, so I know it is visible to Neptune, but I cannot get it to load.
I am working in Jupyter Notebooks
The file needs to be reachable from Neptune. So either an HTTP server that Neptune can reach or a pre-signed S3 URL to a file in S3.
The pre-signed S3 approach is pretty simple to get working.
Either way, it must be an HTTPS connection.
To add to what Kelvin is saying, Neptune can only access other instances that are within the same VPC. It cannot reach the Internet. If you need for it to access a public-facing URL, then you'll need to deploy a NAT gateway within the same VPC as Neptune and supply the proper routing within the VPC to allow Neptune to reach the Internet. This blog discusses it for the purpose of SPARQL Federated Queries being able to reach public SPARQL endpoints:

The concept also holds true from Gremlin io() queries that need to access a public URL.
Ah I see, that makes sense, thanks both
AOAnswer Overflow3/7/2023