Root Question Message

Hey there, it's me again. I made sure to follow your tutorial at the top of this channel as well as just having the browser source open on my browser. No sound will play.

The TTS messages are showing on the log, but nothing will play.

I notice other people have that issue as well. But I'm wondering if for me it's cause of the strange account issue I was having? It feels like I have the wrong browser source or something. Cleared cache again and even just waited until I woke up next morning to test it out and still no dice.
i can hear it on your audio URLs,

it won't play in a browser like Chrome or Firefox because autoplay audio is blocked by these browsers, and aren't in OBS. so this is a problem with ur OBS
Oh I got it working! It seems I have to test it with new alerts each time, the replay button on the site just doesn't seem to want to work for me.
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