Traversal is propagating to further edges?

MAM. alhaddad3/9/2023
I have node label A and B with edge between them ("Has")
Also i have node B with edge to another node of type B ("Co-occur")

When I am traversing from A to B, the query is retrieving the B to B edge as well ! although i haven't traverse to it!

Environment: GdotV over Neptune DB
I'm not an expert on @gdotvee usage, but i believe that edge count you've encircled isn't necessarily the number of edges traversed, but the number returned to G.V() for displaying the "Graph View". In this screenshot I do g.V() which traverses no edges at all and yet it still returns 6 edges. Note that there is a little toolbar button there with three dots connected by a line. Hover over it for a tooltip with a description but basically it will turn off that feature and in my example, the edge count will drop to "0". Could this account for your problem?
Yeah agreed with Stephen there, to produce a graph by default g.v will fetch edges between any returned vertices, it's not actively representative of actual edges traversed, just rather of how vertices fetched by a query may interconnect, if the "fetch edges between vertices" option is enabled
MAM. alhaddad3/10/2023
Ah i see, thanks thanks