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Release: `svelte-standard` 0.0.23 - "secrets" in editor components respect GM user level.

Greets @Developer!

Just a small patch note for svelte-standard that went out earlier this week. I fixed TJSTinyMCE and TJSProseMirror editor components to respect the GM user level when enriching content. These components now properly hide secret blocks in the editor content for non-GM users.


More importantly though I need your help raising visibility for a potential modification for svelte-hmr which is the underlying library that provides automatic HMR support when running the Vite dev server. I have prototyped a full solution to support the new core v11 hot reload of language files being able to respond to the new Foundry hotReload hook and then reload the main SvelteApplication component on language changes giving hot reload for i18n changes. To accomplish this a small and simple tweak needs to occur to svelte-hmr. I have posted an issue in svelte-hmr and it could be quite useful for everyone here to up vote it and attach an emoji or if you want to drop a follow up message in the issue saying that such a change is quite useful and you use my Svelte UI framework / TRL and would like to see this use case supported.

The more visibility and shown interest the better! This is important to get in now as svelte-hmr most likely will be rolled into mainline Svelte for the upcoming v4 / v5 releases, so there is a chance to better interface with the maintainers of svelte-hmr directly now to get this in for v3 and have it included in mainline Svelte later.

Here is the issue to review and upvote just in case you missed the dev chat in the lounge: