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I was looking at ways to override the default foundry tab for settings and was wondering if there's a way to use svelte/TRL to display our system settings instead of core behavior. I also tried creating a new settings menu and instead of extending FormApplication using either SvelteApplication or TJSDialog but foundry doesn't seem to register those as clickable buttons in the settings menu.
I guess that works too
You might check out TJSGameSettings from svelte-standard It automatically creates Svelte stores for all game settings and provides a UI for a component to display settings inside of an app along with a header menu bar component to swap between the main app view and settings. It can also be extended with new sections for custom handling of settings.

Granted there isn't a tutorial on setting all of this up, but it is used in Auto Animations and my new module "TinyMCE Everywhere!". I am building the theme editor solution as an extension to the TJSGameSettings UI that is a drop in section. The theme editor is nice as it automatically updates CSS variables as they change and serializes the entire theme under a single world game setting.
Yeah... More or less use a FormApplication to launch your settings app... Here is how I do it:

I also setup a hook and make draggable element of the settings app a hotbar / drop macro that invokes the hook to open the settings app. AutoAnimations has this too.
I think there was some mention in the #dev-support channel on the mothership about accepting the registration of a function for a button. Not sure what came of that. If there is no issue filed perhaps making that a point to add in v11 in another #dev-support message is apt as it should be a trivial change.
In my efforts to convert my obs-utils module to TJS I ended up writing a generic version of that settings wrapper: https://github.com/FaeyUmbrea/obs-utils/blob/main/src/applications/settingsShell.js

Might be useful to somebody
This neatly wraps your SvelteApplication into a settings button by just passing SettingsShell(YourSvelteAppClass) into the button registration method
You can nab this for svelte-standard if you want
This could be handy to add something like this to svelte-standard.. Yeah... ;P