Drizzle recommended way to migrate reset

Apologies if this is a stupid question, I just recently migrated out of prisma and into drizzle. One of our common use cases for the dev DB was to run yarn prisma migrate reset when we wanted to reset our DB. Is there a drizzle equivalent way to do that?
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bloberenober16mo ago
Interesting feature, we don't have it now, but might implement cc: @Andrii Sherman
Andrii Sherman
Andrii Sherman16mo ago
We will discuss it internally tomorrow and can get back to you
rushil1o116mo ago
appreciate it!
tacomanator16mo ago
This feature would be much appreciated. Currently I rm -rf migrations and database then. Obviously won't work well after going to production, and more difficult for non-file-based dbs.
Emilien5mo ago
Any update on this ?