If the prop array can be an object or a string. Which method would you use ?

This is the code that renders the props.items that prop can be either an array of objects with a text titles and an icon or only an array of text titles. Also how would you do validation ? The code i wrote works correctly but there's a better way? <Index each={props.items}> {(item, index) => ( <A href={ props.hrefRoot + (typeof item() === "string" ? item() : item().text) } activeClass="router-link-active" inactiveClass="" class="carousel-item" > <Show when={item().icon}> <span class={"icon icon-" + item().icon} /> </Show> {typeof item() === "string" ? item() : item().text} </A> )} </Index>
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Alex Lohr
Alex Lohr16mo ago
Looks good to me.