Kysely15mo ago

Any plan to complete the Postgres dialect?

Hey there, Is there any plan (or a tracking issue) to complete the Postgres dialect with its specific words like CREATE/ENABLE POLICY, SET, SET LOCAL..?
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koskimas15mo ago
Complete the Postgres dialect? What does that mean 😄? Do you mean it would be complete after adding those keywords (to some query I'm guessing 🤷‍♂️)? Or do you mean if we plan to implement EVERY postgres feature in a type-safe way? That would take some years. Postgres is huge. If you are trying to ask if there's a plan to add the specific feature you mentioned, then no there isn't.
Jam15mo ago
I mean adding some keywords that exist only in the SQL of Postgres. Not all of them of course, but I'm just wondering if that's part of the project scope. As well, if you would take open source contributions that implement them.