Using Drizzle as a package in Turborepo doesn't work ?

I have a monorepo (Turborepo) with a shared package called @mono/database in which I put my drizzle schema and my types.

I'm testing a query on an app of this monorepo (a simple Node.js folder with TS files), and I also run the exact same query (with the same exact drizzle client definition) from my package to test it out. The thing is: the query works perfectly when ran from my package but outputs an error when run from my app that uses the content of the package.

When I run the query from my package directly, the logger it outputs the beautiful SQL statement complete with all the tables and fields.

But when I run it from my app (the Node.js folder with TS files) I get the following weird statement;
Query: select  from $1 left join $2 on $3 = $4 order by $5 desc limit $6 -- params: [[object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], 1]

Which returns me the error below
  return JSON.stringify(val)
TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON
    --> starting at object with constructor 'PgTable'
    |     property 'id' -> object with constructor 'PgSerial'
    --- property 'table' closes the circle
    at JSON.stringify (<anonymous>)

I logged the client in both cases, and also the tables which outputted, for both, the exact object of 750 lines.

But when I copy / pasted the corresponding pgTable directly in the file of my app in which I was importing my tables from the package and it works with no errors.

Here is the package.json of my @mono/database package.
  "name": "@mono/database",
  "version": "0.1.0",
  "main": "./index.ts",

Any idea ? So that means the bundling in the turborepo process might be creating the error ?
Side-note: I'm running my file using ts-node
you probably have multiple versions of drizzle-orm used in the same project, so our instanceof checks don't work
we have plans to mitigate this issue by replacing the instanceof checks, but for now you can workaround by de-duping the drizzle-orm instances in your monorepo
for example, you can try installing drizzle-orm in the monorepo root
I have been grinding my switch from Prisma to Drizzle for the past 2 days, and I just thought I was stuck all over again. I installed globally drizzle-orm pg @types/pg AND IT WORKS !!!
Thanks @bloberenober you saved my day !!
By globally do you mean in the monorepo root, or using -g?
Globally, in the turborepo workspace using the -w flag
Hey @jeanhdev how does your "@mono/database" file structure look like?

I keep getting
The requested module 'database/schema' does not provide an export named 'cities'
I have the same setup - I have this in my @mono/database/index.ts and everything works flawlessly:

export * from "./schema";
export * from "drizzle-orm";
export { type PostgresJsDatabase } from "drizzle-orm/postgres-js";
Then just don't install drizzle-orm anywhere else, but import what is needed from @mono/database.
I also figured it out with something similar but I had to install "drizzle-orm" using the -W in the monorepo root

const connection = drizzle(poolConnection, {logger: true});

export {

export type { City };