Mysql Query execution never ends

Hello, I have a question regarding my new integration of kysely in trpc. I wanted to port my prisma code to kysely and found that queries are indeed firing to db, but they never end the execution. Anyone knows why this is happening? Connection is taken from pool and mysql workbench also shows connection to db. Just the data is not returning. Same code is working with Prisma. Not sure where its going wrong. Can anyone help?
Hey 👋 Try importing createPool from mysql2 and not mysql2/promise....
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Hey 👋 Try importing createPool from mysql2 and not mysql2/promise.
yeah, did that. Initially I imported from mysql after i saw the incorrect import, which took 1.2ms time to fire a simple select query. Using mysql2. it took 2.4ms.... Hmm...found something wierd...and its replicating as well on subsequent attempts Thanks @Igal for the help though. In my old code, I was using promise based pool so copied import from there 🙈

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