Invalid default value when using defaultNow()

Receiving error:
Invalid default value for 'updated_at' (errno 1067) (sqlstate 42000) (CallerID: 2ga5bxx7mhtso265npy7): Sql: "alter table menus add UNIQUE INDEX menus_public_id_idx (public_id)", BindVars: {REDACTED}`
Invalid default value for 'updated_at' (errno 1067) (sqlstate 42000) (CallerID: 2ga5bxx7mhtso265npy7): Sql: "alter table menus add UNIQUE INDEX menus_public_id_idx (public_id)", BindVars: {REDACTED}`
Seems to happen where there is uniqueindex on table
ASAndrii Sherman5/1/2023
is it PlanetScale?
Yes Any updates on this?
ASAndrii Sherman5/4/2023
Yeah, sorry Could you please explain steps to reproduce? Does this error happen in insert/select? Or do you see it while running migrations?
It happens on drizzle-push. If I have defaultNow() on one of the columns, it starts to complain when I am trying to add indexes or push another update Not sure if this is somethikng on Planetscales side? Intersseing someone having similar issue here without Drizzle This seems to solve it So it seems like it was some sort of PlanetScale issue
ASAndrii Sherman5/5/2023
Yeah, so the case is that PlanetScale have some issues with using default (now()) I would suggest using
For “default now” with PlanetScale Try to regenerate table with this default and then it should work properly We will add .defaultCurrentTimestamp() for PlanetScale cases
Facing the same issue, when will defaultCurrentTimestamp() be released? I'll try the suggested solution in the meantime and submit a PR to the docs repo about this. CURRENT_TIMESTAMP did not work for me i just get
vttablet: rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = Invalid default value for 'createdAt'
vttablet: rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = Invalid default value for 'createdAt'
Adding (3) aka my fsp after CURRENT_TIMESTAMP fixed the issue with default I found this issue regarding it but it seems to indicate that there is no workout for onUpdateNow() 😦

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