How do Date columns works?

I am learning Kysely from the website, at the getting started section I can see the following line:
modified_at: ColumnType<Date, string | undefined, never>

But ColumnType is type-only and should not affect runtime conversion, how does Kysely knows when to convert the data into Date in runtime?
UUUnknown User5/4/2023
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KNKristian Notari5/4/2023
this should be correct
KNKristian Notari5/4/2023
keep in mind that you could end up having Date as select type but string as insert/update type, cause maybe you're passing strings for insertion (it depends on how you configure the conversion on the driver)
pg supports custom result transformation using pg-types.
mysql2 has a similar capability.
We use Aurora Serverless because of AppSync, it seems aws-sdk v3 has no post-selection type conversions.
Are you using kysely-data-api?