weird ilike postgres behavior

hi, I have a very weird issue when trying to filter using ilike in postgres, both my local instance which is running in docker and postgres, which suggests this is a drizzle issue, here is the schema of my table:

export const points = pgTable("points", {
  name: text("name").notNull(),
  grouping: text("grouping").notNull(),
  statusId: integer("status_id")
    .references(() =>
  latitude: real("latitude").notNull(),
  longitude: real("longitude").notNull(),
  projectId: integer("project_id")
    .references(() =>
  meta: json("meta"),

the full code of my remix loader:
export const loader = async (args: LoaderArgs) => {
  const { request, params } = args;

  const { searchParams } = new URL(request.url);

  const { phrase, projectId } = paramsSchema.parse(searchParams);
  const like = `%${phrase}%`;

  const query = db
        eq(points.projectId, projectId),
          ? or(ilike(points.grouping, like), ilike(, like))
          : undefined,

  const results = await query.execute();

  return json({ results, sql: query.toSQL() });

the non expected weird thing is that only searching by the name column works, the grouping is ignored, if I exclude grouping from where clause, like so: phrase ? ilike(, like) : undefined,, search by name is working, but, if I do the same with the grouping column phrase ? ilike(points.grouping, like) : undefined, no results are matched, even though .toSQL output works in the db explorer console, what could be the issue? I attached some screens of the feature I'm working on
Enable logging in drizzle and view the raw sql query that it executes, then you can see whether or not its correct
I have and the issue is, the sql is correct, but when I run it in db tool it gives a different result than drizzle
never mind, I just found out that it's actually correct, it's react-select that doesn't display the results, thanks for help