executing an `update` statement does not use `.onUpdateNow()` defined in schema

Hello everyone 🙂

I have the following schema for my USERS table:
export const users = mysqlTable("USERS", {
  id: varchar("ID", { length: 21 }).notNull().primaryKey(),
  hostname: varchar("HOSTNAME", { length: 253 }).notNull(),
  email: varchar("EMAIL", { length: 320 }).notNull(),
  verified: boolean("VERIFIED").notNull().default(false),
  createdAt: timestamp("CREATED_AT").notNull().defaultNow(),
  updatedAt: timestamp("UPDATED_AT").onUpdateNow(),

As I understand correctly, as soon as I use db.update(users)... the updatedAt should be automatically be set to new Data:
  await db
      ...(putUser.email ? { email: putUser.email } : {}),
      ...(putUser.url ? { hostname: new URL(putUser.url).hostname } : {}),
    .where(eq(users.id, user.id));

The email and hostname values are updated accordingly but the updatedAt column does not seem to be touched.

Am I missunderstanding something here ?

Thanks in advance,
ASAndrii Sherman5/19/2023
Do you have on update now() in your database directly?
I am using planetscale and as far as I know they dont support it
so basically I just have to update it by myself
ASAndrii Sherman5/19/2023
yes, if database has no support for it - it won't work currently in drizzle. Because everything defined in schema is full representation for database default/functions/constraints/etc.
ahhh good to know
thanks a lot